Contact Information That Should Be Saved on Your Phone

We can’t expect everything to go according to plan. One moment we’re peacefully walking on a sidewalk, the next second, there’s been an accident. Even though we can’t prepare for every situation, we can at least try to prepare for most situations. Especially ones that are more likely to happen, even if the chances are still slim. From medical emergencies to suddenly needing home repairs, knowing what to do in case of an emergency can significantly help. And most of the time, knowing what to do means knowing who to call.

Fortunately, we live in the eras of smartphones, where almost everything and everyone is just a phone call away. In this article, we’re going to take a look at emergency contacts that you should always have ready on your phone.

Set Up an Emergency Contacting System on Your Smartphone

Here’s something that many people don’t realize: you can set up an emergency contacting system on your smartphone, regardless of the brand or model. Most modern smartphones come with this feature packaged already, but you can also install apps that enable emergency calls.  

To enable the emergency contact information that’s built-in most smartphones, go to the settings and find “emergency information”. There will be options available that will allow you to edit and enter contact numbers. It’s smart to put the numbers of your parents, partner, or anyone you know you can rely on.

Other than your emergency contact person, you should also have the phone numbers of relevant establishments. The last thing you want is to need the number of the local plumber because your toilet is clogged, only to realize that you don’t have it! Here are other important numbers you always need to have stored in your phone.

The Nearest Locksmith’s Number

No matter how much we try to remind ourselves not to forget our house keys, we may inevitably forget them. Especially in the middle of a busy day when your schedule is hectic, house keys barely cross our minds. Should you find yourself locked out of your own home, you want to call the locksmith for that. You can also opt to have the locksmith duplicate your keys so you have a spare one with you at all times.

The Local Firestation

In case of a fire, 911 should always be the first number to call. But knowing the local fire department’s number will still be helpful. You want to decrease the risk and increase the chances of survival and safety, so it definitely won’t hurt.

Your Bank’s Hotline

There’s a lot of reasons to have your bank’s number on your phone. And even if you can look at the back of your card to check their contact information, things will quickly go south if your wallet or the bank card itself is missing. You need to be able to report such losses, and you can’t exactly do that if the card is missing. So keep their number on your phone, and you’ll thank yourself when the time comes.

Health Provider

If you have a health condition that needs sensitive medical care, be it tooth problems, internal problems- regardless of what it is, make sure to have your health provider’s contact with you at all times. Particularly if you have a disease that can affect your motor functions, as people around you would need to know who to contact if you ever experience an attack. 

Your Neighbor’s Contact Information

Many people nowadays are complaining about the lack of a “community spirit” in most neighborhoods. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the community spirit is dead. You can do your part in keeping it alive by knowing who your neighbors are and knowing their contact information.

This can come in handy should anything happen to their property when they’re not at home- you’ll be able to tell them of important updates, and vice versa of course. Neighbors should always be ready to help each other, and that starts by knowing who they are and how to contact them.

Your Car Insurer’s Hotline

Since accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, even more so when you’re driving a car on the road, it’s a wise idea to have the phone number of your car insurance company. Should you ever meet an accident on the road, it’s the information you need to exchange with the involved parties, so it’s just smart to have it ready just in case.

Nobody really wants to be in such an emergency situation, but when you’re already in one, you want to be prepared. Keep this information in handy at all times and you’ll thank yourself later.