Considering Waterproof Speaker Covers for Outdoor Speaker Systems

When it comes to a home theatre system or temporary speakers installed at your backyard or lawn for a party, it is essential to cover it up properly to safeguard it. For outdoor soundboxes, it is essential to ensure waterproof covering, which can adequately guard the speaker system from any type of environmental harm like rain, snow, wind, or the sun’s intense heat. -There are waterproof types like marine speakers. You have to test every one of them if you are looking to get one. “The surround of a cone is important in keeping your audio noise-free, they need to dampen vibrations that aren’t audio wave response,” according to an article on

When you are trying to buy speaker covers, you will find thousands of available options at online stores. The options are endless, from the one-size-fits-all type of covers to custom-made speaker covers for your brand and model. This will put a normal buyer into confusion as to which one to choose. Here, in this article, we will discuss a few important considerations to make when planning to buy speaker covers.

Choosing the right-size cover

When planning to cover up your outdoor speaker system, it is very important to get a good-fitting cover for this purpose. A loose-fit cover may cause adverse impacts on your speaker system. For example, if the cover is fitting loosely, it allows air to be trapped in between the cover and the speaker surface and moisture accumulation as a result. The moisture will then condensate and cause damage to the diaphragm of the speakers. It is also possible that insects and rodents enter into the free space under the cover and start their harmful operations on the speaker surface to damage it.

Covers that are too tight may also cause damage to the speaker. It will not only cause damage to the unit, but it will also adversely affect the quality of sound speakers may produce. So, before trying to buy a good speaker cover, you need to take proper measurements of the speaker system in terms of its length, width, height, and other specifications in order to get the best available covers. Some speaker boxes may be single speaker units, whereas some other systems may have multiple big and small speakers included. Based on the dimensions of the speaker system, you have to consider the adequate-size cover.

Consideration of material

While thinking of protective covers, you can consider many materials, including plastic, PVC, canvas, vinyl, cotton, among others. While thinking of putting the cover always on your speaker system, you should consider the cover’s acoustic aspects too to choose it. This means the cover you put in should not adversely affect the sound quality of the speaker system. For this, you need to ensure your mesh-type covers, which can allow easy passage of sound through it without dispersing the sound waves.

Considering the above facts, you should avoid buying any random cover for your speaker system. Instead, you have to look for specialized speaker covers available online, which can fit right into your sound boxes. Do some baseline research in order to find the available options and do your homework to compare the features of different products with your customized needs for speaker cover to find a few good ones. Then, based on your budget, you can do another level of shortlisting to buy the best product for your need from a reliable and authentic online seller.