Considering an apartment purchase? Here are 6 things to look at

Apartment living can be a great way of life so it is understandable that many people choose to buy rather than rent a Villawood property where they can enjoy that way of life. This is a big investment so you need to consider a few things before you hand over your money. Here are 6 things to look at.

1) Location of the apartment building

While everyone loves a great-looking building when it comes down to it, the location of your apartment is everything. There are a number of things people look for living close by, each person has their own priorities and needs. Parks, schools, nightlife, work, public transport, restaurants and so on. Consider what you need to get to more easily and what you don’t mind being a bit further out when looking at Villawood apartments for sale.

2) Consider how many shared or common walls you want

Living in an apartment means you are naturally sharing some space with your neighbours, walls, floors, ceilings. If you choose an apartment at the top of the block you do not have anyone above you, but it takes longer to get to it if there are only stairs! There are pros and cons to whichever choice you make.

3) What facilities or amenities are in the building?

One of the great things about apartment living is having access to a range of things if you choose to. Amenities are paid for with fees you will pay monthly, so if you are on a tighter budget keep those extras to a minimum. But if you have the budget why not have a gym and a pool on-site? A place where you can have a barbeque with friends? An outdoor area to soak up the sun or enjoy a good book in the fresh air.

4) Look at the condition of the building

As well as you taking a look at the building to make sure there are no issues that raise some alarm bells for you, having a proper inspection is a good way to ensure you are investing in something that is not a mess! Is it well built, if it is new does it have some modern additions you might expect, if it is older is it still well maintained and aging gracefully?

5) Consider what direction you want to face

The direction you prefer depends on whether you want to see sunsets or sunrises! If you have plants you want to put on your balcony where the apartment faces is important because it is about how much sunlight the balcony gets. Choose a Villawood property that faces the direction you prefer.

6) Do you need a good view?

Some people place a lot of importance on their view but for others it has no impact on their choice at all. If you are up all night and sleeping during the day for example, the view in the day does not matter. While findingVillawood apartments for sale with a great view is nice, is it as important as location, price or amenities?