Being charged with a crime is enough to stress you emotionally and financially. Even if you are not yet proven guilty, the charges against you can interfere with your life and family and cause a lot of hardships like being laid off from work, prejudice from society, etc. In such a situation, it is crucial to engage a criminal defense attorney to advise you on what to do and protect your sights.

With so many lawyers out there, choosing the right one for your situation can be daunting. Below are the considerations when hiring a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer.

Legal competence

Just because an attorney is licensed doesn’t mean they have the latest legal developments in criminal defense law. You must consider the legal competence of a lawyer before hiring them. They must possess legal skills and up-to-date knowledge of the recent developments in criminal law to guarantee exceptional criminal defense representation.


When charged with a criminal offense, you have only one chance to defend yourself against the criminal allegations brought against you. that means building the best defense possible, and only an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you achieve that. It is advisable to look for a criminal defense lawyer with trial experience handling cases like yours who will not hesitate to fight aggressively for your case. 

You can ask the lawyer how long they have been in practice, how often they appear in court, cases they have won and lost, and their trial experience to make an informed choice. Your case may not proceed to trial, but it is vital to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer in case it does.


Some criminal defense lawyers are reputable for dealing with high-profile criminal cases in New Jersey and still emerging victorious. That is the kind of criminal defense lawyer you need. When you hire a respected lawyer, you can rest assured of the best possible outcome for your case. It is advisable to check reviews from past clients, ask around, and check testimonials and publications to know about the reputation of a prospective criminal defense lawyer.


It is challenging to work with a criminal defense lawyer without professionalism, no matter how good they are in criminal law. It can be detrimental to your case if they don’t return your calls on time or are not accessible whenever you need them. Therefore you should focus on identifying a criminal defense lawyer who is organized, returns phone calls, attends meetings, and has a professional website where you can access all their information.

Analytical and communication skills

Last but not least, your lawyer should be an excellent communicator. Besides being a good speaker, they should be a good listener and be willing to hear what you have to say and advise you accordingly. Analytical skills help a criminal defense lawyer to be competent in negotiating a settlement, making an argument in the courtroom and evaluating facts. A good lawyer will be capable of making quick, sound decisions that are useful to your case.