Communication Skills: Five Reasons why it is so important for Leaders?

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing,” said Rollo May, an American existential psychologist and author of the influential book Love and Will.

Effective communication is the best skill that every successful leader has obtained. It’s necessary to excel in communication because your whole business relies on it. A study says that leaders with poor communication skills can put a bad impact on the business, it can lead to morale for the employees, and also it will damage productivity at the workplace. So, leaders need to improve their communication skills to grow their business effectively.

Here are 5 reasons why communication skill is so important for leaders.

Ability to adapt your communication style:

Well, to define what type of communication skills you have, first try to identify your leadership style. Once you understand your leader’s style then you will be able to interact with others effectively. Let’s take an example if you are an authoritative leader, means you are mainly focused on creating a unique vision for the company then your communication skills should help you to define the company’s vision and values to the employees.

Active listening:

Active listening comes along with effective communication. Good leaders know how and when to talk but just commanding and directing the employees towards the work task is not enough. Leaders should know to listen to others. Allow your employees to make their own decisions and also ask them to provide their opinions and ideas for the company’s future. Whenever your employees share any issue or problem with their leader, leaders need to listen to them carefully to understand their problems. Active listening allows the leader to understand others more deeply and emotionally.


One of the main reasons for the falling of a business is their leaders are unaware of what’s going on in their organization. Leaders need to be transparent about the company’s vision and challenges so that the employees do not get confused. Good leaders should empower their employees to work in collaboration and foster an environment where employees have full confidence to share their thoughts and opinions.


Leaders should be clear to their employees about their expectations and demands. They should set some achievable set of goals and empower their employees for teamwork to achieve the goal faster and effectively. The clearer your employees are about their work, the less they will get confused and they will bring high-quality performance to their work.


Leaders should ask their people to provide honest feedback about themselves, this will help the leader to identify problems in their role and they will get a chance to improve their role more effectively. Also, make sure to connect with your employees on the regular basis to establish a strong relationship.

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