Common Things You Should Keep In Your Airbnb

There are many things that you should keep in your Airbnb home to ensure that it is comfortable, clean, and safe for guests. From the bedding to the kitchen supplies, here are 10 common items you’ll want to keep in your home OR homes that are on online travel agency websites.

1.  Cleaning Supplies

When you’re having guests over, you want to make sure that your home is clean and fresh. This means keeping common cleaning supplies such as a broom and dustpan, large garbage can, toilet plunger, and cleaning solution within your kitchen or bathroom. Also, keep sponges and rags around for any quick fixes and spills.

2.  Bedroom Furniture

Whether it’s a daybed or a full-sized bed, make sure your bedroom has the right furniture for guests to sleep comfortably. If you don’t have spare beds around your home or apartment, consider purchasing a daybed or futon with linens. You can also pick up a dresser to help guests feel at home. Also make sure you have an alarm clock, towels, hangers, phone charger, fan, and nightstand for each guest that is staying in your Airbnb home.

3.  Kitchen/Dining Furniture

Make sure that your dining area has enough chairs for your guests to sit around the table. If you don’t have enough room or chairs, consider moving some furniture out of your dining area to make space. Be sure that all kitchen tables and counters are clean and organized before guests arrive.

4.  Bathroom Furniture

Guests should feel comfortable showering at their Airbnb homes. Make sure you have enough towels and washcloths for each guest, shampoo and conditioner, soap, and a fan to blow that steam away. If your shower requires fixed temperatures (like some European ones), make sure that there is a way for guests to know the current temperature of the water.

5.  Standard Kitchen Items

Guests should feel comfortable cooking in your home. Be sure to have the following items within your kitchen: salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil, coffee filters, coffee grounds, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, trash bags.

6.  Bedroom Decorations

Guests will want a cozy and comfortable bedroom to sleep in. Make sure that your guest’s room has enough light, has good bedding, and isn’t cluttered. Also, make sure that you aren’t using bedsheets with offensive images or phrases on them before letting guests use your home.

7.  Housewares

Make sure that your house or apartment has the basic kitchen appliances needed for life. This includes things like paper towels, pot holders, oven mitts, candles, wine opener, dish towel, oven cleaner.

8.  Air Conditioner

If it’s hot outside, make sure you have an air conditioner in your home so guests can sleep comfortably at night. Also, be sure you have a fan available for each guest.

9.  Décor

Make sure that your vacation rental is decorated nicely and doesn’t have an awkward vibe to it. You should put effort into the furniture, colors, and overall “feel” of your home. If you’re not into interior design, hire a designer to help you with this process.

10. Bed Sheets

 Make sure your bedding is clean and fresh for your guests. This includes sheets, pillows, and blankets. Also keep some extra linens in a closet or cupboard, just in case the guest needs more during their stay. If you don’t have spare linens around, consider purchasing a set of sheets, pillows, and blankets for your home.

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