Common Test Mistakes That May Ruin Chances of Motorcycle Endorsement

If you have decided you want a motorcycle endorsement, you must pass several tests to confirm your skills and knowledge about motorcycle riding and traffic rules. One of the most crucial tests is the road test, where you demonstrate your riding skills. You may freak out, but you must know that your performance in the examination will determine if you get endorsed. There are several requirements before you get a motorcycle license, and Hardison & Cochran have elaborated them for you. So, when taking the road test, here are mistakes you should avoid.

  • Speeding

One direct ticked to a denied endorsement is over-speeding during the test. The examiner may take you to a steep hill to see how you ride downhill. The motorcycle will pick up the speed, and if you are not cautious, you may over-speed. Watch the speed limit and avoid the urge to keep up with other drivers on the road.

  • Not Observing and Signaling

Another fast route to a failed road test is not observing and signaling when changing lanes or merging into traffic. You don’t have to look back to see the other drivers. Use the mirrors to ensure it is safe to switch lanes. Check the blind spots and signal before you change lanes. Remember to turn the signal off once you are in a good position.

  • Putting the Wrong Foot First When Stopping

Many people don’t use the rear brake when stopping, which is a big mistake. People often put down the right foot first, letting the rear brake loose. If the examiner notices this, it will be a direct ticket to license denial. So, ensure you always put down the left leg first. It will help control the bike and ride slowly until you stop. Other riders look at the ground during slow-speed maneuvers, which is why they are tempted to put one foot down when cutting a corner. This is an additional mistake you must avoid during the test.

  • Cutting Right Corners Wrongly

When riding then turning to the right, many riders fail to give way to the oncoming vehicles and cut across the center line. Mostly, they want to join the lane before the approaching car gets to them. If you do this, your road test will be a failure. Look for danger in the route before crossing and ensure you are in the correct position in the right-hand lane.

  • Ignoring Road Signs

Sometimes the little things you ignore could cost you a lot. For instance, you may miss the stop sign if there are no vehicles on the way or fail to slow down when the sign says so. These simple mistakes could make you fail your road test. Therefore, observe road signs and be keen.

  • Incorrect Positioning on the Road

Lane-splitting is a common thing with motorcycle riders. When stuck in traffic, motorcycle riders always lane-split and find their way between vehicles. This is something that examiners hate. Make sure you have positioned yourself well in the lane so that the driver in front can see you.


These are simple mistakes that could make you fail a motorcycle road test. Therefore, if you want a motorcycle endorsement, ensure you pass this test. It will help to show your skills and knowledge.