Common problems with vinyl plank flooring and its solutions

Perhaps, vinyl plank flooring is getting popular with every passing day. No doubt it is an economical as well as user-friendly option. Moreover, homeowners love this option. Usually, vinyl flooring owns a long life. Besides this, it has a luxurious look as well.

No doubt, there are many benefits of this flooring. But, remember, there are also the cons that we don’t know about. Just like other floors, the vinyl plank flooring also owns some problems. These issues get serious if you do not take care of them. Besides its unique look, this floor is prone to scratches.

In fact, they cannot withhold the sharp materials. This will not only make the floor dull but also seems awkward moreover. As time passes, the floor begins to peel away. Furthermore, all these aspects can cause serious issues. For instance, in most cases, there is a need to replace the floor. No question, it is the worst thing. So, to save your cost read the below-mentioned post. 

1- Discoloration

Vinyl floors have many odd aspects as well. These floors are prone to fade as time goes on.

This is mainly due to spills and stains. No doubt, frequent spills can cause serious problems.


As the floor is exposed to spill, you need to clean it as many times. Moreover, vinyl absorbs the liquid spills quickly. However, the best way to avoid this issue is to clean it as soon as possible. Please don’t allow the floor to absorb it. If you are not doing it right away, the floor will get yellow with time. Keep in mind; faded floors can never retain their real look.

2- Sunlight 

Apart from spills and stains, there are also many other reasons. Vinyl floors fade if they are in direct sunlight. Indeed this color is not appealing. Stronger the radiation, the more discoloration, and vice versa.

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Make sure that there is no sunlight. Try to maintain enough shade. Vinyl floors cannot withstand the sunlight. Yes, it’s not always possible. But, try it as maxim as possible. Heating vents are another cause. Deal with all these issues, and maintain a beautiful look. Though it’s tough but not impossible. 

3- Scratches

Scratches are yet another common thing with vinyl flooring. A vast array of objects will scratch the floor and make it look bland. So keep your floors clean regularly. Scratches are the worst enemies of this flooring.

These include wiping the dirt out with a broom every day. Moreover followed by a deeper cleaning once a week. To prevent dirt from entering your home. For this matter, ask the visitors to remove their shoes before entering. Furthermore, High heels are also prone to causing damage to the floor.


If your vinyl floor has scratches, you can fix them. For this purpose, take some warm water. Mix it with a small amount of mild soaping agent. Soak a sponge. Clean the plank gently with this. Do the whole process with patience. Remove all the dirt and let it dry. Lastly, don’t allow anyone to move on the floor for a few hours.

4- Peeling of vinyl plank flooring 

Experts at a flooring store always mention that as time passes, vinyl plank floors begin to peel off. Of course, this is mainly due to the glue on the corners. As the flooring gets old, corners begin to curl or drop their position. This is not good. Floors begin to look messy. However, it also causes the dirt and moisture to go down the floor. However, try to fix this issue else it will get worse. 


Keep in mind, fixing a few corners is ok then replace the whole floor. As soon as you find this problem, try to solve it. Apply some amount of adhesive at the spot. Moreover, you can also use aluminum foil for this purpose. But, better to use hot aluminum foil. Because it is more flexible. Never apply too much adhesive.

Only apply a single layer. Because thick layers can cause ripples in the floor furthermore, use some rolling pins to fix it. To remove the extra glue, use a damp cloth. After finishing the whole process, put on some heavy books. With the help of weight, material flooring will get better. 


Unlink hardwood; vinyl plank flooring offers many benefits. These floors are ideal. They help in improving the entire look. Moreover, they also tend to enhance the decor of your home. But it mainly depends on your concern. Either you are willing to take care or not. 

Last but not least, this is a worth opting floor. It works best in all aspects. Try to fix all the visible scratches as soon as possible. Use the adhesives to fix the corners. Furthermore, clean it fast to deal with stains. This will save your cost as well as time.


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