Common Mistakes to Avoid in Tamworth Website Design.

Web designing has been there and continues to gain popularity every minute. Human is to error and we expect mistakes in web design. Although it’s not common among experienced web design companies, beginners are likely to mess in their designing process. As we all understand, Tamworth website design should reflect individual business qualities. However, there is a standard way of creating a website without factoring in customisation. This means that every website designer should follow the rules of professional web design to make a success. Below are the top mistakes that are done by website designers:

  1. Be Less Flashy.

Flash animation has continued to gain roots in the website world. However, you should avoid using it on your site homepage. A person who visits your website wants to find meaningful information about your goods or services. Finding a slowly unfolding flash animation can frustrate your site visitors who are interested in helpful information. You should use this technology wisely to create a professional website. If you wish to optimize your website, it is good to avoid the flash animation on your website.

  • Avoid Straining the Eyes.

You should avoid headaches and save your customers too. This can be experienced when the site is difficult to navigate. Among the proven ways of avoiding eye strain is creating an easy to navigate website. The font you use should be readable to avoid straining the eyes. Some of the proven font styles include Arial and Times New Roman.

The background you use on your pages is also an important consideration in professional Tamworth website design. You should avoid busy patterned backgrounds on your websites. Again, it’s not recommended to use brightly coloured content on a black background. In either case, the site visitors will get frustrated and move to other convenient sites.

  • Don’t make it difficult.

Whenever you are designing a website, you should put a lot of attention to website navigation. With the right navigation, customers will enjoy crisscrossing your website which means more business. When designing any type of website, it is paramount to avoid excessive creativity in the aspect of page navigation. Users enjoy a clean navigation panel because it’s convenient to work with. The customer’s interest should be a priority and not flashy pictures accompanied by tens of ‘click here’ buttons.

  • Avoid Wasting Time.

A website with hundreds of images and graphic designs requires a higher bandwidth. This means that it takes longer to download such content from your site. If a customer is using an old computer that’s slow to load he/she may get discouraged and leave. If you have to use graphics, it should be minimally to avoid slowing the site. You can save the other images that you wish to have in your portfolio.

  • Don’t Overdo It.

A website that’s cluttered overwhelms the site visitors. Your business appears unprofessional and people will keep off your products and services. The main reason you own a website is to promote your business. However, a disorganized website discredits your business and its services. A neat professionally designed website shows your attention to detail. Experts advise that you should only create a simple and clean website.


If you have are a web designer, we believe that the information in this article will benefit you. Having understood the common mistakes that are done by web designers, it’s easier to avoid them and create a professional business website.

You need to be keen because a single mistake can see the business reaping nothing despite spending handsomely on website design. For web designers, creating a good website for your clients will see you getting more referrals. Thank me later!