Common Mistakes People Make While Taking Reformer Pilates Class in Brisbane

There is possibly no equipment more popular in Pilates than the reformer. But like all the other equipment, some protocols need to be followed while doing reformer Pilates in Brisbane to ensure a safe and effective workout session. The following are the list of common mistakes people make that causes harm:

Using Equipment without Proper Guidance

The biggest mistake that novices make is using the reformer machine without the proper guidance of the instructor. Remember, the trainers are experts and have a particular training program for the effective use of the equipment.

In addition, you will also get special attention from the instructors if you ask them about the equipment. They will guide you about the exercises you should do.

They Get Zoned Out

Focus is the key to doing reformer Pilates in Brisbane. This equipment has parts like wheels, bars, and straps that can be dangerous for people in motion. If you get distracted during performing the exercises, the chances of getting injured increases.

Also, if you zone out when the instructor is giving details about the safety and setup, it can put you at risk as well.

Doing Fast Movements

Every exercise on the reformer has different speed requirements, so consult your instructor if you are moving at the right place or not. Rushing through the movements is a step towards disaster.

This is the main reason people get injured on the reformer. If you bend too fast or transit to another movement too quickly, it is likely to cause injuries. So, switch the exercises slowly and smoothly.

Not Getting the Resistance Right

If you are joining a gym with reformer Pilates in Brisbane, you need to know that the springs on the equipment allow you to adjust the resistance settings. The beginners face a lot of difficulty in achieving the right balance on the machine.

Always remember, the low resistance does not necessarily mean it is not effective. It simply indicates that you are getting the right support during the workout. But, if you are not seeing the results with this resistance, you can increase the level a notch.

Generally, the trainer is the one who can provide the best assistance to which resistance level is best suitable for you.

Wrong Breathing Technique

The breathing factor is very difficult to master if you are new to reformer Pilates. Luckily, the instructors in studios like Rebalance Pilates and Yoga will help you get the technique right. Some yoga places also offer breathing classes to the members which you can take to unlock the full benefits of the workout.

Pilates is a form of rehab that if combined with the right breathing techniques can help to tune the natural body movements.

There are multiple other mistakes that the beginners make when starting reformer Pilates in Brisbane including, overuse of the machine and use mobile phones while on the reformer. This guide will save you from making the same common mistakes that everyone makes, and will help you enjoy the full benefits of the workout.