Common Eye Issues: Causes & Treatment

Your eyes are obviously very important to you and like other organs in the body, they have to work hard, day in and day out. Good eye care is important, especially when working with power tools or in environments where something could hit you in the eye. Cycling or motorcycling requires you to wear Polarised sunglasses, while those working with computers need to be careful not to strain the eyes.

Here are some common eye conditions along with potential causes and treatments.

  • Refractive errors – Sooner or later, most of us need reading glasses or contact lenses, due to changes in how light is refracted through the cornea. If you need an eye test, you can make an appointment with a specialist eye doctor who can prescribe reading glasses. Some people prefer contact lenses, as they do not alter your appearance; the primary cause is wear and tear, for which there is no cure, the optician can create the perfect lenses to sharpen your focus when reading.
  • Glaucoma –This is a condition where external pressure on the optic nerve and causes include, blocked blood vessels, eye injury and inflammation of the eye. There are two common treatments, eye drops, medication and, in some cases, surgery is performed. If you need medication for glaucoma, this is likely to be a lifetime need. As you age, you are more likely to suffer from glaucoma and patients should see their eye doctor on an annual basis.
  • Dry eye syndrome – We secrete tears to protect the delicate surface of the eye and sometimes, tear ducts can become blocked, causing dry eye. In extreme cases, this can affect your vision and there could be a number of causes. Treatments include using special drops, testosterone eyelid cream and nutrition that contains fatty Omega-3 oils. Here are some things to avoid when you have dry eyes.
  • Red eye – This condition is eye strain typically caused by looking at a computer screen for extended periods; what causes red eye is the inflammation of tiny blood vessels, turning your eyes red. Eye strain can be treated by giving yourself a break every 30 minutes, while focusing on things far away; treatment might be eye drops, if it is caused by conjunctivitis, but generally, if you restrict the amount of time you focus on your screen, the condition usually disappears. 
  • Lazy eye – Lazy eye is when one eye does not develop property If this condition is caught early, treatment can resolve the issue. This condition mainly affects children and if a child shows symptoms of a lazy eye (glaucoma rarely affects both eyes), you should seek immediate treatment from a registered eye doctor. 

We should all have our eyes examined every year and should you experience any vision issues, search online for a nearby eye doctor and make an appointment. Early detection is critical with any eye condition and let’s not forget to wear Polaroid sunglasses when out and about in the summer.

If you would like to learn more about eye care, the Internet hosts a wealth of information on best practices for eye care.