Life with depression can be very hard. It isn’t your everyday life stress that you can keep at bay by diverting your attention. It has deeper roots and it comes with many other symptoms like fatigue, body aches, insomnia, loss of appetite, and in chronic cases, suicidal thoughts as well. 

Now the question is, how to get rid of clinical depression? Have antidepressants, maybe? But they cause codependency. Go for therapy? Going for therapy every week can be very expensive. So, what options do you have? 

Well, you don’t have to worry. The following are a few things that can make a meaningful impact for treating clinical depression:

Daily Exercise 

Increasing physical activity is the key when it comes to depression. With daily exercise, your body starts producing more endorphins (happy chemicals). A higher number of endorphins means an uplifted mood and increased energy. 

Thus, if you don’t work out every day, you need to start doing it now. Join a gym and start working out daily. If not, you can go for a walk every day in the morning. It will not only be beneficial for your mental health but physical well-being as well. 

Medicinal Herbs 

The best alternative to allopathic anti-anxiety medications are the medicinal herbs. Several herbs and plants are loaded with natural healing properties and it is mainly the reason they work well for alleviating stress naturally. 

One of them happens to be medical marijuana. It has been legalized in various American and Canadian states owing to its health properties. I usually order it online. Various dispensaries in Halifax deliver medical marijuana at home, so it’s pretty convenient. 

Body Massage 

Body massage is another beneficial remedy for depression. It relieves multiple symptoms of depression simultaneously. Yes, a few minutes of body massage can release stress, decrease fatigue, eliminate body aches, increase blood circulation, and whatnot? 

All you need to do is go for a body massage twice a week. Either you can go to a nearby spa and get a massage or you can bring in a massage chair home and enjoy chair massage therapy in the comfort of your home.

Journal Writing 

Ranking fourth is journal writing. Talking to a friend and sharing your emotions always help when it comes to depression. It is precisely why many people feel better after a therapy session. 

However, not everyone feels comfortable talking to others, so journal writing can be a great alternative here. Write down your thoughts and worries in your journal, pour your heart out, and let the stress leave your body. 

A Healthy Sleep Cycle 

A healthy sleep cycle is mandatory for those who remain stressed or are going through depression. Not to forget, lack of sleep can make the symptoms of depression worse. It can increase fatigue, body aches, and eventually lead you to insomnia. 

As mentioned by the Sleep Foundation, one must sleep for 7-8 hours a day in order to function actively. Thus, if you sleep less or more than that, be sure to regulate your sleep cycle right away. 

Remember that nothing is impossible. Just be sure to stay consistent when following the tips mentioned above and I’m confident you’ll be good to go.