Classical vs online casinos

Primitive forms of casinos emerged in the first half of the 17th century, so it is safe to say that betting has been around for hundreds of years. As the internet gained popularity, casinos have switched accordingly to the digital environment and took the gaming world by storm.

Now, New Jersey online casinos are greeting thousands of players each year with their wide game variety, numerous banking options and diverse incentives. If you are wondering which type of casino would offer the best entertainment, we are here to clarify once and for all the differences between these two options.

Game collection

One of the key advantages of New Jersey online casinos is that you have everything you need in one place. Every indispensable category is located in plain sight and information is well-organised for the public. 

In traditional casinos, action can be slow-paced since dealers can shuffle cards at a particular pace. If you require speed, playing table games like Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack will make the process of dealing cards a durative experience, no matter how hard-working the dealers are. In the online table game equivalent, you can double the fun and the speed. Computerized dealers are here to help you enjoy many more hands of your game of choice to the hour.

And the icing on the cake is that, naturally, you have an extended game variety in the digital environment. Since live casinos can cover so much space and spend so much money to hire dealers, waiters and guards, having thousands of game machines is simply not possible and a rather an inconvenience. 

By going to ‘Games’ at your favourite gambling platform, you will find different categories, each with a considerable array of options waiting for you to test them out. There is so much to discover in terms of gaming products, from Bingo, Jackpots, and Live Casino to Table Games. 

For the casino world to be as bright and entertaining as possible, different software publishers have joined forces with gambling brands in order to create the most lucrative choices out there.

Bonuses and offers

Online casinos are favourable for a prime gaming experience due to speed, state-of-the-art visuals and incentives, which are some aspects that classical casinos cannot compete with. 

For instance, digital casinos try to ensure that you will start your gaming path on the right foot by offering you their first gift, the welcome bonus.  Promotional types are endless as opposed to land-based casinos, with no bonuses or just a few. When travelling near a land-based casino, some sorts of offers consist of free chips. You may trade them by going to the establishment or staking with the cash on the site. 

Incentives are essential to extend the patrons’ base and retain long-term gamblers. With a solid kick-start, players have a decent perspective on what’s in for them if they keep investing resources in their favourite brand. 

Additional rounds and free stakes give you multiple chances of betting and potentially triggering the right combination. What is more, some New Jersey online casinos are equipped with the cashback deal. This allows its registered users to refund their wagers in case of losing, saving plenty of riches in the long run.

Furthermore, you are awarded for playing and spending money at the casino. Long-term punters who deposit more funds than the rest are monitored by the staff and enrolled on the loyalty or VIP scheme available. You can advance on the loyalty tiers by playing certain games, depositing specific sums or making large bets. The more points you amass, the more chances of obtaining profitable gifts you have: holiday vouchers, free money bonuses, and electronic gadgets, to list a few.

So, if you are eager to be compensated for spending your hard-earned money, classical casinos do not provide this stimulant for you, but you will find your fix at online brands. 

Availability and comfort

In a few words, cosiness is the strongest suit while playing at New Jersey online casinos. The casino world has been revolutionized with the advent of the internet, allowing players to play comfortably from their house, work, and public areas during breaks or while travelling. 

In the modern age of convenience, going out to your local casino and waiting in line if someone else is playing your preferred slot or table game causes frustration. Luckily, this can be avoided by simply opening your laptop, tablet or mobile.

There is no such thing as not being able to play your favourite slot due to congestion or machine malfunction. The only inconvenience you may encounter is not being able to join an online live dealer casino table for blackjack if the number of virtual players has been already filled. 

Other than that, you are in full control of your gaming experience. While you will not be offered free drinks or snacks as in a traditional location, you can skip the dress code and wear your most comfortable clothes. Classical casinos don’t always specify their dress code, but it is safe to assume that the staff won’t let you in in-house attire. Even if drinks won’t flow and buffet vouchers won’t be anywhere in sight, you can fix yourself something to eat or drink whenever you like at home.  

All-around atmosphere

Traditional casinos are all about retro feelings. Several punters like to break from reality by stepping into a world of loud music, bright neon colours, tasty cocktails and slot machines that keep the money rolling. The feeling of authenticity and intimacy when having physical contact with the game apparatus is something that nostalgic players swear by.

While competing face-to-face with other players for the big prize, the adrenaline and rush are at their highest and the all-around atmosphere is lively and animated. You may chat with other clients, have a good time and make small talk, which is something hard to achieve in digital casinos. Live chat will allow players to interact with users from all parts of the world, but the connections are limited and short-lived.

Online casinos are something to look up to in terms of contentment and relaxation. Still, they do not live up to the expectations of a classical location: elegant players, table chips, radiant lights, sparkling drinks and luxury items. Traditional casinos are the ones that offer the Hollywood thrill of spending the night surrounded by extravagance, riches and powerful individuals. 

Payment methods

Transactions play a key role at both classical and New Jersey online casinos. After all, the premise of gambling is pretty straightforward: the more cash you play pool with, the more money may be squandered.  

Yet, the feeling you have when you land on a fruitful combination is the best part of gambling and makes you want to get into possession of your prize as soon as possible. The thrill of wagering at live casinos comes in the form of handling the chips when you are playing roulette, baccarat or blackjack. You feel the power of the game in your own hands, analyse other customers and can watch your tower of casino chips piling up. The best part is not being bound to the game, as you can get up any time and exchange your chips for authentic cash. 

The buzz is different when relying on a digital platform to withdraw your earnings. You do not have chips, yet you have certain numbers in your player account. There are certain limitations and administration fees when requesting a withdrawal, such as a maximum cash-out limit, processing tax for certain payment issues and the list goes on. Even if your withdrawal request is processed and approved, the waiting time depends on the chosen banking option.  For the balance to reflect into your real account, it may take anywhere from 5 minutes to one working week, which affects the enthusiast you feel when triggering the jackpot.

If you have a little cash in your pocket, you can simply venture into the closest casino or head to an ATM in the proximity to get things in motion. But if you begin your online adventure, you are required to check the ‘Banking’ section of your account to see what banking options are permitted. The optimal scenario is when punters see that debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers and e-wallets can be used at their favourite casinos. 


New Jersey online casinos may enchant you with an extended list of payment methods, transparent information, and thousands of high-quality games, but physical gambling dens will make you feel like you are in a magical world of flashing lights, and glistening drinks and beautiful cocktail waitresses. 

For an easier approach, our specialised investigation into the domain of iGaming will give you a clearer look at what you are searching for, accordingly to the most noticeable aspects of gambling.