Cities with the largest number of internet cafes

Humans are characterised by scope, admiration for the size of their creations and a desire to enlarge familiar, even quite everyday objects. From the Tower of Babel to farmers’ competitions for the biggest pumpkin, humans are always trying to prove that size matters. When it comes to computer clubs, enlarging the area and the number of machines available allows as many virtual entertainment fans as possible to be housed under one roof.

Where the first internet cafe appeared

The first full-fledged Internet cafe appeared in Korea in 1988. At the time it opened, there were only two 16-bit computers. Only then, in the mid-1990s, would such establishments start popping up everywhere and people would finally have the opportunity to use the Internet for personal use, play the iconic titles of those years online and socialise in the new trendy sphere. The number of machines in clubs was gradually increasing, but for a long time, the internet could only be on one or two devices in the hall. Everyone else only had access to the good old-fashioned local network. Although not everyone had access to the internet, it was always possible to download pirated games and music and chat about advanced culture with like-minded people.

With the advent of multiplayer games, the number of machines in computer clubs became important. Semi-basement rooms or ground-floor flats converted into Internet cafes were visited by entire classes, student dormitories or courtyards. It was sometimes difficult to accommodate everyone in the small room, and it was never a question of seating an entire group of people who were eager to play.

It was entrepreneur Stelios Hadji Ioann who was the first to solve this problem, opening a 400-car club in London in 1999 called easyInternetcafe. Initially, both ordinary people who wanted to use the Internet as a public library and hardcore gamers felt equally comfortable there. However, the club didn’t stay popular for long, not even a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records founders for opening the biggest internet cafe in the world helped. You can read about the cities with the most internet cafes on

Where is the large number of cafes?

With the development of technology and the internet in general, internet cafes have become more accessible than ever before. So in many countries, there are establishments where you can access the internet and relax. The largest number of internet cafes are now in:

  • Bogota. This city is not only the capital of Colombia but also a great place to connect to the internet. It’s a great place for travellers, bloggers or those who just want to write to their friends. They’ll bring you great coffee and offer dessert. There are 432 internet cafes here
  • Ho Chi Minh is a superb Asian city that offers many advantages when you visit an Internet cafe. There is air-conditioning, a plentiful variety of food and beverages, all peripheral devices and courteous staff. The number of eateries is 431
  • Mumbai boasts 381 Internet cafes. This city in India, with a population of more than 12 million, is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea. That’s why it’s always full of tourists and bloggers. You will be offered the most advanced Internet access services at affordable prices
  • Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is a kind of historical, economic and cultural centre of the country. There are about 381 online cafes in Istanbul. In these places, you can taste almost all the cuisine of Turkey: pasta, zeama, peka, halo-halo, kebabs, buzara etc. Of course, quality internet services are also on offer
  • Bangkok is Thailands most famous city. Despite the economic uncertainty, Bangkok has 368 internet cafes where you not only get access to the world wide web but also a taste of the local cuisine
  • Shanghai has not become a top city with a large number of internet cafes. Although there are 349 establishments where you can access the internet, it is still inferior to Bangkok, Istanbul, and Mumbai. China is a country where eSports tournaments flourish and have a small number of internet cafes
  • Manila has 254 cybercafes. The Philippine city is second only to China in the number of cybercafes. However, it offers high-speed internet access for socialising, gaming and communication.