Choosing a Storage Option: Why You Should Opt For a Climate-Controlled Container

You may think that climate control in self-storage units is an unnecessary luxury. After all, who needs to keep their belongings in a climate-controlled environment when they’re not even there? 

The truth is, we all do! When you store your belongings in a self-storage unit, you’re essentially renting a small storage unit that isn’t your home or office. Therefore, it only makes sense to ensure that everything you store there remains safe, clean, and dry throughout the year. This is especially true if you live in an area with a humid climate or tend to store items that are sensitive to moisture.

Here are more reasons why you should consider opting for climate controlled storage near me instead of traditional units.

Protection Against Humidity, Rain, and Snow

The main reason why you would want to store your belongings in climate-controlled self-storage is to protect them from unwanted weather conditions. 

While traditional units are air-conditioned, they can generally not alter the unit’s relative humidity. This means that if the humidity in the air is already high, your items will be exposed to extremely high levels of humidity. 

Traditional units are also unable to control the incoming rain and snow. When the weather is inclement, items in traditional storage units are highly likely to experience water damage, while climate-controlled units will stop this from happening.

Climate Control Prevents Mold Growth

Mold is one of the most damaging agents affecting your personal belongings. It can eat away at fabrics and paper, cause discoloration, and create an unhealthy environment. They are also very harmful to humans — both young and old, and can trigger allergic reactions, and asthma attacks. 

But with a climate controlled storage unit from SecureSpace, you can maintain a stable, consistent temperature and humidity level to prevent mold from growing or spreading. 

Safety When Storing Delicate Items

If you’re storing sensitive items such as artwork, documents, garments, fabrics, or other items that are easily damaged by light, you need to make sure they’re in a climate controlled storage unit.  

Traditional storage options might expose your items to the elements such as ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun. This can cause fading and discoloration and high humidity levels, which are just as damaging.  

Great Air Quality

Apart from keeping the humidity low, units with climate control also provide great air quality. These units are equipped with a filtration system that removes harmful particles like pollen, dust, and pet dander from the air. 

Unfortunately, traditional storage units do not have any filtration systems, so your items will be exposed to all of these particles that can cause severe damage. 

Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever had to deal with damaged or lost items due to improper storage, you know how stressful the situation can be. As such, storing your belongings in a traditional storage unit might not give you much peace.

But if you are storing your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit, you can relax knowing your items are safe and protected from the elements. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider putting your items into a climate-controlled unit. Traditional units are designed to protect your items from extreme heat and cold, but they cannot protect them from rain, snow, and humidity. 

So, if you live in an area that experiences high humidity and are storing items that are sensitive to moisture, then climate controlled storage near me is your best bet.