Children’s Party Rentals: 7 Things to Keep In Mind

Are you looking to plan a special event for your children?

Maybe you are a parent who wants to throw an unforgettable birthday party for your child. Perhaps you are thinking of all of the things you can do to ensure this event is special; a great venue, food, and decorations all come to mind.

While the food, venue, and guest list are important things to consider when planning an event, it is equally as important to consider the children’s party rentals.

To help you with the above, here are the must-know things to keep in mind about children’s party rentals. Read on!

1. Inflatable Slides

Make sure the slide being rented is from a reliable source and comes with all safety instructions. Be sure to check the space requirement for the inflatable slides, size does matter. Consider the age of the children and make sure the slide is appropriate for them.

Cost is also a factor. Make sure you get the best possible value and stay within your budget. Decide if the slide needs to be indoor or outdoor. Factor in the setup time and potential delay with delivery and installation.

Discuss the rental length and be sure the rental company can accommodate your desired rental period. When booking an inflatable slide for children’s party rentals, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind.

2. Trackless Trains

When it comes to planning an unforgettable children’s party, trackless trains are a classic and much-loved addition to the festivities. Trackless trains offer fun and entertainment for all ages, but it’s important to consider important details before deciding to rent one for your event.

When considering safety, make sure the train is equipped with roll bars, seat belts, and, of course, a high-quality braking system. The size of the train is also very important, it must not be too small for the number of guests attending, or too large for the available space.

Lastly, don’t forget to inquire about the available power supply and the track or path needed for the train’s safe operation, as well as the experience of the operators. With these considerations in mind, your children’s party rental is sure to be a memorable one!

3. Water Games

They can be a great way to keep kids cool and entertained. Keeping the following in mind will help ensure a safe, fun, and successful party. Make sure that the area is large enough for the games and that the water is shallow enough for the smallest children to play safely.

Have one adult designated for watching the water games, and make sure kids are taking enough water breaks to stay hydrated. Be aware that some games that involve throwing water balloons can sometimes lead to tears.

Lastly, always have a dry towel and a change of clothes nearby. By gathering all the necessary items and following these few tips, the children guests at a summer party can thoroughly enjoy their water games.

4. Giant Inflatable Games

Inquire about the types of games they provide and make sure they can accommodate your guests. Determine what safety measures they have in place to ensure the games are used properly.

Make sure to consider the age range of your guests and get appropriate games. You also need to understand their policies regarding damages and repairs.

Finally, inquire about the qualifications and experience of their staff. With the right party rental company, you can make your children’s party a fun and memorable experience that they will never forget.

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5. Indoor Swimming Party

Kids’ party rental items can include a shallow pool, pool toys and supplies, and life jackets. Make sure to select a qualified lifeguard to ensure the safety of all.

Also, ensure the rental company will deliver the items to and from the party so you can stay focused on the celebration. It is important to understand that the cost of party rental items may vary depending on the length of the rental and the items needed, so be sure to get a quote in advance.

Lastly, remember to return any items that you rented on time – late fees can be costly and can also affect your relationship with the rental company. Taking these considerations into account, renting party rental items for an indoor swimming party can be a successful and memorable experience.

6. Climbing Fun Party

You want to make sure the inflatable climbing walls are in good condition. Double-check that all the materials and equipment used during the party are safe for kids. Confirm the exact size of the climbing wall beforehand to guarantee that it fits in its intended area.

Inquire about whether lanyards and other safety features are included in the rental. Make sure the rental company is experienced in handling such events. Look for packages that provide party essentials, such as climbing wall accessories and a DJ.

Lastly, confirm that the climbing fun party rental is age-appropriate and properly insured.

7. Obstacle Course Party

The age of children, especially the younger ones, may struggle with obstacles far too challenging, which could lead to danger. Cost, as these parties tend to be expensive depending on the number of obstacles and size of the course.

Make sure that all obstacles are secure, and first aid is close by. You also need to check the weather, as outdoor courses can be hindered by bad weather and dampen the enjoyment of the party. Also, consider the materials being used, ensuring they are age-appropriate and durable.

You also need to check the access to power, as generators can be necessary when setting up an obstacle course. The fun factor, adding challenges and a leaderboard, helps to enhance the party experience. 

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Children’s party rentals provide an ideal way to create the perfect social gathering experience for your kids and their friends. Proper planning is essential to ensure the event is a success.

Keep in mind the little details such as party favors, lights, decorations, and tableware, then you’ll be ready for a day of fun. So, why wait? Get the best children’s party rental today!

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