Within a very short span of time, e-commerce has evolved by leaps and bounds as more and more consumers are shifting to online shopping. Thus in order not to be left behind, many brands are turning to live stream shopping or live commerce to meet the changing requirements of consumers.

Furthermore, given the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic, it seems that shoppers no longer fear online payments. The implementation of e-commerce accompanied by certain new techniques, such as Live Shopping leads to a boost in sales and customer satisfaction. But what is live video shopping?

Look at live online shopping as a reboot of shopping channels but more authentic and simple to launch. It offers customers personalized experiences, more clarity and authenticity to shoppers.

Since livestream shopping shows are conducted in real-time, it allows you to make your customers, whether current or potential, part of your brand’s ongoing dialogue. Buyers can clear their queries, ask questions and see the responses all in real-time. This enables buyers to purchase items they want instantly and be sure about them. This leads to building customer loyalty and credibility towards your brand.

Live commerce or livestream ecommerce is more than just a sales tool, it carries entertainment value as well. As consumers shift their shopping habits online, shoppers are looking for more than your standard in-store salesman. Here is when Live streaming shopping comes into play and offers new, exciting, and innovative ways for you to reach and build relationships with your buyers. Furthermore, with the constant evolution in retail, live commerce services are starting to pop up as a legitimate and lucrative solution.

If you already are a pro or new to the world of live online shopping there is a checklist that will help you to produce high-quality live video streams on a regular basis, utilizing entry level equipment and leaving out the next-level frills. Well, there’s actually very few prerequisites – a reliable livestream shopping platform, equipment, and a stable internet connection. Additionally you can also invest in lightning, customized space and background etc.

Reliable Live Shopping Platform

To keep your consumers engaged, it is essential to invest in an effective live video shopping platform. Channelize.io Livestream Shopping platform is one such platform that is reliable, easy to integrate and completely white label and can help you achieve your business goals.

Furthermore, with our platform it is extremely easy for anyone to go live instantly using the broadcaster app.


Good lighting is key to hosting a successful live shopping show. You can opt for a low cost LED lighting kit, which will allow you to have good lighting even if you host livestream shopping shows at night or in a room without natural light. The only real no-no here is that you should not position yourself in front of a window. This would result in a dark silhouette which won’t allow you to shine!


Audiences may forgive bad lighting, but if they can’t really hear you well, it can prove very disruptive and frustrating, and you’ll lose engagement, fast. Smartphones generally have decent audio input and output. But if not, you could use a headset with a built-in microphone that connects to your mobile device. A better option is a wireless headset as it won’t restrict your movement.

Stable Internet Connection

Having a stable internet connection is the key to a seamless livestream shopping show. So, always make sure that you have good bandwidth.

Space or Background

Having a customized space or background can also help you level up your game. It might benefit your style of hosting and selling. With a certain type or size of space, you can add a bit of flair to your performance that may even form part of your personal brand. 

What started with China has become a growing and much-needed trend in today’s global retail market.

Livestream ecommerce has shown a significant impact on brands in terms of sales, customer retention, brand awareness and reach. Today, live shopping providers like Channelize.io can help brands reach an audience that prefers online shopping as their preferred mode of shopping.

Here are a few advantages of adopting Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform

  • Your shoppers will have an improved online shopping experience, and you’ll see an improved sales conversion rate.
  • The average amount that is spent on each purchase will increase.
  • Real-time element promotes excitement and exclusivity, attracting new customers.

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