If you are renting a Luxury car in Dubai, you have a choice. There are various selections of vehicle models from across the world. You can choose between a luxury car and an economy car, depending on your distance and need. Dubai is the best place for driving. With a stunning road system and high-quality highways, it’s easy to drive around Dubai and its locality with beautiful, picturesque boulevards and desert landscapes. 

There are many things to consider when renting a car in Dubai. Rent a car can be very difficult in different countries as they will have their heritage and law may vary. A resident of the UAE can avail a car for rent at the lowest price from various cheap car rental companies. Before renting a car, you have to check for a few things, this may avoid overpaying.

  • Vehicle scrutiny
  • Document verifications
  • Interior accessories check
  • Calculate your rent
  • Return policy


  • You have to examine the rental car both interior and exterior.
  • If there is any damage found, file them in a report before renting it.
  • This will be safe for you to avoid some uncertain penalties for unwanted damages.
  •  Before renting, confirm with your rental company about the last safety test date.
  • Scan the maintenance condition of engine oil, wheel alignment, and AC working of the vehicle before starting your ride. 


  • You can start your ride once checking the rental car’s all-important papers like registration paper and car insurance paper.
  • Know your car rental agency’s customer support facility.
  • Know about the various ways to contact your car rental company for assistance when needed while driving their car.


  • This may seem easy, but you are still required to confirm your car’s air conditioner is working.
  • When driving in the hot sun, you need an air conditioner. If not in perfect condition, the entire trip may get ruined.
  • Therefore, except for other important add-ons, you need to confirm that the air conditioner works well to keep you chill throughout your trip.


  • Many car rental agencies are providing their cars for rent with affordable daily mileage cost limits. When you are planning for a trip to UAE get a rental car from them to explore Dubai.
  • If you crossed this daily mileage limit, you will be charged with additional cost according to their tariff.
  • Avoid these extra payments, by calculating your trip distance and timing to come under your budget.
  • It’s important to remember that car rental is for transportation purposes only and you don’t want to try a dry land safari together.


  • Before taking a rental car, it’s a good idea to confirm with your rental company how they want you to return their car.
  • Some car rental companies may expect you to deliver the rental car to their office. 
  • Some of the car rental agencies may agree to pick up their cars from the location you are mentioning.
  • Before taking the rental car from you, they will examine the car and return your deposit amount to your account.
  • It’s a good idea to know exactly what they are trying to see to assess the condition of the car.


Can I drive the rental car from Abu Dhabi to Dubai? 

Emirates law prohibits driving a rental car across the UAE border. Therefore, when renting a car in the United Arab Emirates, you need to know where the restrictions are so as not to violate the law.

What happened if the rented car is damaged?

When the car body of the rental car is damaged while you are driving it, it will come under comprehensive insurance. However, damage to other parts of the rental car is not covered and you will have to spend the money for repairing it.

Can I rent a Lamborghini in Dubai with my debit card? 

When you are a non-resident renter or a local renter, you may permit to hire a Lamborghini in Dubai or Abu Dhabi using your debit card. But, some limitations may apply. The limitations are: You are not allowed to rent luxury cars, special.

Do I need to pay for the rental car before renting it? 

Most of the time, there is no need to pay for your rental car before starting the ride. Remember that the renter must have his credit card and use this card while taking your car from the rental company.

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