Even though they only make up a relatively tiny part of our body, our eyes are disproportionately important to our overall physical attractiveness. In addition to enhancing your natural attractiveness, colour contact lenses may let you express yourself verbally without saying a word.

Your eyes may be whatever colour you want, and now you know how to make it happen. You may easily acquire coloured contacts by talking to your eye doctor. BodyMods provide a wide selection of alterations, from the most subtle to the most dramatic. 


The colouration of contact lenses is just partial. If so, you could see the world with a tinge of brown, green, or blue. Alternatively, the iris is hidden by the contact’s coloured part. The focal point of the lens is unobscured, allowing for crisp, undistorted vision.

The four most common categories of colour contact lenses are:

  • Tint for Visibility: These coloured contacts have a very little tint that makes them easier to see. You’ll find this to be helpful while inserting or removing your glasses. This hue is most often a pale blue or green. The tint is very subtle, so much so that it will not alter your natural eye colour. If you use this lens, you’ll be able to see well, too.
  • Tint is designed to bring out the most in your eyes’ natural colour. It’s like giving your eyes a jolt of colour to make them stand out more. Enhancing tints is a terrific option to bring out the best in light-coloured eyes.
  • Opaque-coloured lenses may alter your eye colour dramatically. If you have bright or dark eyes, they will still function. People who use coloured contacts are looking for a striking transformation. This lens is for you if you want blue eyes instead of brown.
  • The colour of your eyes may be altered using theatrical lenses. But it may also enhance the experience by adding some cool visual effects. The “cat eye” effect, for instance, is entirely doable. For this reason, you may also hear these lenses referred to as cosmetic, fashion, or decorative lenses.



To save money, it’s best to use monthly replacement lenses if you wear coloured contacts to work or school regularly. The primary purpose is to pick out a set of contact lenses that appear natural on you and help your eyes and boost your self-esteem. Pick a shade that is more intense than your natural eye colour but has a smaller diameter.



When going out for a casual dinner or movie with friends, go with a hue that is not drastically different from your natural eye colour. If you have dark eyes, you may choose lighter browns or hazels. You may avoid paying too much attention by choosing a pair of sunglasses with a less opaque tint. You won’t stand out dramatically if you stay in the thick of things.


If you have light eyes, you may get the same effect by using contact lenses of a hue that is somewhat lighter than your natural eye colour, such as green if you have blue eyes. You may improve upon your original eye colour by adding a touch of another shade.


If you want to significantly alter your appearance for a special event, try using darker, wider-rimmed sunglasses to change your eye colour completely. The blues, greens, and purples are ideal for dark skin tones. Bright colours may bring out the best in those with darker complexion tones.


When you put on a pair of coloured contacts, your eyes become a fashion item. If you’re wearing an all-black ensemble, matching coloured contacts are a breeze to accessorize with.


Brown lenses are the most versatile of lens colours so you may wear them with a wide variety of outfits. Contacts of any other hue, including hazel, will work as well if you want to draw attention to your eyes. Both warm and neutral tones complement these hues well.


Put on a pair of purple glasses to show that you’re not afraid to take fashion risks. The purple in your eyes is a sign of self-assurance and maybe a window into your fun side. If you want to appear fashionable with purple eyes, vintage and exquisite clothes are your best bet.


You may emphasize your eyes and draw attention to them by wearing blue lenses with pastel or pink clothing. Blue eyes are a gentle complement to summer outfits.


The Halloween party is rapidly approaching, and we know you’ll be dressed in your scariest attire. Additionally, coloured contact lenses are a great way to top off your frightening image, especially because many individuals these days prefer to put in extra effort with their costumes. BodyMods offers a wide selection of Halloween contact lenses in stock. Here are a few of the more terrifying options for Halloween contact lenses:

  • For those who need corrective lenses, scleral lenses are an option. These lenses fit entirely over the white part of the eye, thus the name. Scaring people is easy with coloured sclera lenses.
  • Visual effects cinema lenses – Do you want to spend Halloween as your favorite movie character? Take a look at our several film-themed lenses to discover the one that best suits your needs.
  • Lenses designed to make you seem like a frightful nighttime monster are called “scary lenses.”


The world of fashion is always developing and changing. Different styles come and go, but there are always a few that will never go out of fashion. There will be no quick reversal of the popularity of colour contact lenses. Coloured contact lenses are no longer a trendy extra for a night out or a weekend breakfast with friends; they are a need. Coloured contacts help your eyes stand out and complete your look.

BodyMods is the place to go if you want to get coloured contacts. You can obtain high-quality contacts for every event.