In the Central Coast region of New South Wales in 2023, crime rates were higher than those throughout the rest of NSW. This is due to several contributing factors, including population growth and increased drug-related offences.

Although some parts of the Central Coast are facing serious issues with rising crime rates, other areas are seeing decreases due to increased safety measures implemented by local authorities and members of the communities.

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Central Coast Crime Statistics 2023

The Central Coast of New South Wales has experienced a significant increase in crime over the past few years.

Such regular occurrences concern those living in this region, spanning five local government areas, including rural towns, cities, and some of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. With over 500,000 people living within this area, it is essential to understand what types of crimes are occurring.

When looking at the types of criminal offences in this region, intimidation, stalking and harassment, theft, malicious damage to property and drug offences were all common occurrences.

2023 overview

Instances of murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and manslaughter have been few on the Central Coast since 2021. Murder and attempted murder cases are in the single digits, and blackmail, extortion, stock theft, robberies with firearms, and kidnappings were also low.

Cases of liquor offences, motor vehicle theft, arson, trespassing, and breaking and entering of dwellings also reduced.

Commentary on Trends

Crimes such as malicious property damage, murder, arson and stock theft reduced significantly in the Central Coast and the broader NSW.

The rate of breaking and entering crimes remains relatively within the same range in the wider NSW but reduced in the Central Coast.

Lake Macquarie Crime Statistics 2023

The crime statistics for the Lake Macquarie region in 2023 showed a marked decrease from the previous year, with overall crime rates down compared to 2020.

Lake Macquarie has significantly lower numbers when looking at violent offence categories specifically. The lower numbers could be due to increased awareness of local police initiatives and active neighbourhood watch programs, helping keep citizens safe daily.

2023 Overview

Although some parts of NSW are still facing serious issues with rising crime rates, there are steps in areas such as Lake Macquarie that demonstrate an effort towards reducing crime within this region and beyond.

Residents need to remain aware of their security and participate in initiatives to reduce criminal activity, so everyone can enjoy a safe environment.

Commentary on Trends

Generally, there’s a rise in sexual assaults reported, likely due to an increase in victims’ willingness to file formal reports.

Violent offences are back to pre-pandemic levels, and most property offences, such as retail theft, break and enter and car theft, remain below pre-pandemic levels.

The crime statistics for the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie regions in New South Wales demonstrate a worrying trend of increased criminal activity.

It highlights the need for local governments and communities to take proactive measures, such as improving policing efforts and providing economic opportunities that create a safe environment. If you encounter any crimes against you or your loved one, remember you have experienced legal experts from Riviere Law ready to guide and fight for you.