Celebrities and Gambling – an Entangled World

There are so many great films that involve gambling scenes, – think of The Sting or Rainman. A movie like Oceans 11 sees the entire plot based on a group of friends planning an elaborate heist on a casino. The casinos are depicted as the height of glamour in many of the Bond movies. In Casino Royale, we get glimpses of various locations that are famous for their casinos, including Monte Carlo and Venice. Oceans 11 takes us to Las Vegas and the thrills and excitement of Sin City. 

Las Vegas is no stranger to stars from the world of music as well. Sinatra was a regular performer there. Adele recently had a residency, and Usher, Katy Perry, and Donny Osmond will all be playing at venues here later this year. In addition, Lady Gaga has not only sung about having a Poker Face but has recently announced that she will have a residency there in 2022.

Off-screen and off-stage, there are many stars who make no bones about their love of gambling. In a recent interview, British grime artist Stormzy said that he loved playing games and that he would have been a professional poker player if the music had not worked out. In fact, he loves playing games so much that Monopoly made him a one-off edition of the game. Known as the “Merky” edition, it featured unique playing pieces. Then last year, a branded ‘Merky’ edition of the Monopoly Deal game was released. Cards now feature actions like “Shut Up” and “Big for Your Boots.”

Actor Ben Affleck also takes his poker playing very seriously. As well as being an A-lister star, he has earned over a million dollars playing in prestigious poker tournaments over the years. One of the people Affleck is known to have won money from is fellow A-lister Tobey Maguire. In 2004, Maguire lost a substantial sum to Affleck in a well-publicized Hollywood clash.

Before Maguire shot to fame in Spiderman and Sea Biscuit, he had spent a considerable amount of time at the poker tables. He had devoted himself to perfecting his play since his teens. As a result, he is known to have had a winning streak at Texas Hold ‘Em tables. Maguire played in several private Hollywood games too.  The book and film Molly’s Game were an idea that came about because of these private games. 

You can get a taste of the star treatment yourself when you play at a live online casino at home. By the magic of technology (or cloud streaming at least), the dealer can be brought to you. This allows you to participate in a wide range of casino games from your home or even on the go. Look out for these features including professional live dealers, social interaction, high-definition streaming, and live-action from real casinos. What you get is a realistic casino experience. The rooms are set up so that you can have a variety of camera angles and feel that you are really there.

While you may not get to sit alongside your favorite stars, you can still dress up for the occasion and pretend that Matt Damon or George Clooney are sitting down to face the dealer just around the corner.