Celebrating mid-autumn festival in 2022:

This fun-oriented and enjoyable mid-autumn festival will be celebrated on the 10th of September this year. This festival encourages social interaction, the arrangement of different religious prayers, and other festivities that engages people. They, along with their families, thoroughly enjoy every bit of it. 

With time, this festival has also been getting popularity among different Asian countries. Usually, with lightning lanterns, moon cakes, and by making delicious food, there are several ways to celebrate this day. It is a pure and sweet gesture that unites people and gives them a chance to get along and commemorate. 

The reason behind its celebration is the cycle of completion of the moon. After the 15th date of September, the moon turns towards its peak. That is why people across the globe distribute common moon cakes, which are common this day. 

Mid-autumn festival overview:

There are many stories and conspiracies behind its arrival in China, which is the core of this festival. In China, they make preparations, and public holidays are being announced so everyone can enjoy them. It’s a part of their culture and tradition from many thousand years ago. 

Still, there has been no decline in their spirit and dedication to celebrating this festival. Moreover, they find various ways to make it more engaging and heartwarming. This festival has been a part of their lives because they worship the moon. Their children study about this festival in their course books.

Let’s discuss the ideas and objects which can enhance this lovely festival. 

Social gathering:

They perceive the moon as a symbol of togetherness and unity. Due to this, they focus on meeting with their close ones on a single platform, where everyone can come and greet each other on this special day. 

Furthermore, they idolize the moon as God, which increases the importance of this specific occasion. So, it provides them a reason to have quality time spent with their family, friends, and loved ones. 

Exchanging gifts:

This festival brings a lot of great moments for anyone. Exchanging gifts is such a lovable gesture that strengthens relationships and boosts love between one another. If you talk about gifting ideas, moon cake would be at the top of the list. Then you can gift different sweet cookies, pastries, and cupcakes. 

A specific wine that is famous in their culture, fruits, and juices. However, the main essence of this festival is to eradicate the distances between people. But these little elements collectively create a sense of positivity all around. 

Beautiful florals:

Nobody can deny the significance and prestige of colorful and attractive flowers at any occasion or festival. It enhances the overall arrangements and provides an extraordinary look. In this mid-autumn festival, the peonies are more in demand because it symbolizes harmony, strength, peace, and prosperity. 

The presence of flowers can be extremely effective for any purpose because of their pleasant and appealing aura. It fascinates everyone and provides a pleasant smell in the atmosphere. Have you ever wondered how these flowers magically wowed everyone with their delightful vibes? 

Many countries organize and use them in their festivities and preparations for this event. Beautiful florals are ideal to utilize in every festival or celebration for having an extravagant arrangement. Although the growth of flowers in this season is not as it happens in other months, this festival seems incomplete without colorful, eye catchy-catching 

Sea of lanterns:

It is another classy and satisfying way of celebrating this great festival. People light up different lanterns in a place and create a colorful atmosphere. The trend of lighting lanterns creates a whole vibe. Some specific streets are highlighted and famous for lantern lighting. 

Performed this warm and enriching activity in many countries to show their interest and concern for this festival. With the advanced technology, more stylish lanterns have been introduced. According to the nature of was people, they have been modified to make this activity more fun-for and lively. 


As we witness in every festival, people necessarily greet each other with prayers and beautiful wishes. It is a superb trend in which people remember their friends and loved ones in a lovely way. These little greetings create a positive impression on the reader, and they respond with the same love and affection. 

Significance of moon cakes in this festival:

As we have already discussed this point that the reason behind the celebration of this festival revolves around moon worship. So it is clear that every activity must associate with moon acknowledgment. Moon cakes are essentially made or bought, representing peace and harmony to everyone. 

These moon cakes can be baked or prepared with different techniques having different shapes and colors. It can vary according to the taste and demands of different countries and their residents. But its demand drastically increases these days all across the celebrating countries. 

You can also try these soft and sweet delicious moon cakes and enjoy their fruity taste. It can be kept preserved for one week in the refrigerator. It is the best option for people who love to eat sweet food. Like every festival contains a specific food without which there is no charm festival, moon cakes hold that similar importance. 

Story of Jade rabbit:

The Jade rabbit was a selfless and kind-hearted animal who shed his life for a king. Once upon a time, a king transformed into an animal and visited a forest where he asked for food. Nobody gave him enough attention. Also, there was no food to eat. 

The rabbit saw this, and he jumped into the fire and got burned. He did it to help the king so he could eat the rabbit and fulfill his hunger. King got inspired by the rabbit lot and rewarded his family. People perceived that he also helped the moon Goddess and elixir. 

It is one of those stories which have been under discussion till now whenever this festival came closer. There is no validation, but the people of China genuinely believe in these stories and their characters. 

Final verdict:

This mid-autumn festival has many engaging activities that encourage the public to get involved and enjoy. Arrangement of classy florals, dining with families, meet and greet, colorful, mesmerizing lanterns, and whatnot! But they don’t get distracted by their religious obligation, moon worship.

Moon cakes are gifted to people for the remembrance of the completion of the moon. All these super energetic and enthusiastic activities wholly represent their traditions.