French police clear migrant camp at launch point for Britain

French police on Tuesday dismantled an immigrant camp in the northern port of Calais, from where thousands of illegal economic migrants and would-be asylum seekers have attempted to cross the English Channel to reach British shores. A police source said the operation began shortly before dawn. The makeshift camp was home to about 700 migrants, … Read more

Europe adopts tougher virus restrictions as infections surge

As the United States approached 200,000 coronavirus deaths on Monday, the crisis deteriorated across Europe, with Britain working to establish new restrictions, Spain again cracking down on Madrid and the Czech Republic replacing its minister of health with an epidemiologist due to an increase in infections. The push to reimpose tough measures on Europe to … Read more

Spain’s Coronavirus tracing app tries to balance public health with privacy

“What doesn’t RadarCOVID do?” ask a promotional video of the Spain contact tracing app. The answer: while browsing the country’s decentralized healthcare system, it does not locate users, identify them, record personal data, or submit data. Without a vaccine or cure for the coronavirus, which has killed nearly 1 million people around the world, countries … Read more