Monday, April 19, 2021


Create a strong brand image in the new era of social media

Create a strong brand image in the new era of social media

A few years back coming up with a business, when nothing like Facebook or Twitter existed; offline was the only choice available then to promote a business. But, in the current scenario,...
Guidelines for Remote Recruitment

Effective remote hiring tips

Comparing abilities, slowly identifying a candidate’s identity and building relationships with candidates is why many recruiters start gaining talent. This is an exciting challenge for a lot of people. You require best communication skills,...
heavy duty cardboard boxes

How to use Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes to Create a Successful Business

Everyone knows that heavy duty cardboard boxes use for heavy-duty products and especially shipping specific products. They provide protection and safety to them during the shipping process. Top-quality cardboard material use in their manufacturing...
Custom product packaging

How to Save Money While Using Custom Product Packaging?

Shelling out cash on boxes may not seem glamorous, but it may result in large savings. Sometimes you have to devote a little extra upfront, to save money down the road. While...


Macramé is a method of crafting in which knots are used to create various textiles by forming multiple shapes from the piece. This is an ancient form of art that has regained...
Mirror Wall tiles

Know-How Mirror Wall Tiles Add Luxury to Space.

Mirror Wall Tiles. When it comes to upgrading a house design or setting up elegant decor, mirrors have been a win-win situation since the inception of the medieval period. Imagine those Milan...
Critical Chain Project Management

A quick look at Critical Chain Project Management

Background The concept of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) has grown in popularity since Eli Goldratt's book Critical Chain was published in 1997. The project management field seems to...
pillow boxes

How Pillow Boxes can provide Protection to your Products.

The safety of the products is an aspect that cannot be compromised while getting a packaging solution. Most of the frequently used items in daily routine like food, cosmetics, jewelry, and soaps...

Things You Need to Know About Headphones

Headphones are one of the most widely used technological accessories today since they allow you to enjoy content in a private environment and without disturbing the people around you.
how nri can buy property in india

Real Estate Investment in India: What Should NRIs know

There are two major reasons why NRIs buy properties in India. Either it is a way for them to invest their money or they just want to stay connected and own something...