IoT (Interconnected) devices have become powerhouses of information and cybersecurity has become a significant discipline in computer science. With many devices and systems associated with cyberspace, there are great chances of these devices becoming vulnerable to attacks. Enterprises and companies need to keep their assets and data protected against such threats and attacks. IT professionals with Certified Ethical Hacker certification are highly sought-after for protecting enterprises’ data and assets from malicious hackers. 

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What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is the method of looking into the target system’s security lawfully and legitimately to identify possible vulnerabilities and weaknesses that malicious hackers can use to exploit the system or network. Ethical hackers follow the same techniques and use the same tools as malicious hackers in a lawful manner. They are referring to as ‘White-hat hackers’, malicious hacking is known as ‘Black-hat hackers’. 

To become ethical hackers, individuals have to pursue an ethical hacking course. This course is intending for IT professionals who can handle an organization’s IT security aspecting that overarches cloud, physical, and hybrid environments. It is one of the desired courses in the cybersecurity domain, as the rate of data breaches across the globe is rising exponentially. 

EC Council is responsible for offering the CEH Certification. IT professionals can earn this certification by appearing for the CEH v11 Exam – 312-50. This examination consists of 125 multiple-choice questions and has a time duration of four hours. One must attend ethical hacking training at iClass, the EC-Council’s learning portal, or any Accredited Training Centre (ATC) like Koenig Solutions. Individuals who wish to appear for the CEH exam without attending the ethical hacking course training must submit proof of two years of working experience in Information Security.

Benefits Of Ethical Hacking Course And Certification

Advances Security Career

Pursuing a CEH certification may help IT professionals boost their careers in the security domain. The CEH certification, along with the CompTIA’s Security+ course, will help IT, professionals, to get a rewarding job role in the cybersecurity field.

Helps To Think Like A Hacker

The CEH course helps individuals to implant the ability to think creatively like a hacker. IT professionals will get ‘White-hat’ to look into the system’s security like the malicious hackers do. It is quite challenging to identify how cyber criminals attack the system or network. The CEH course will assist IT professionals to think hackers and take proactive measures to avoid data breaches and threats. 

Improves The Knowledge Of Vulnerabilities And Risks

Cybercriminals innovate many new approaches to attack the target system and steal an organization’s data and assets. If the system’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities are not knowing, it is quite difficult ethical hacking course to protect the data. With a hacking training course, one can gain knowledge of how hackers access the specified. Network and determine the system’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 

Boosts Salary

CEH Certification is one of the most reputed and globally recognized certifications. Pursuing the widely-accepting and industry-recognizing certification helps individuals to get high-salary jobs. With an immense rise in data breaches, enterprises and businesses hire ethical hackers to protect their data. After accomplishing the CEH course, one can acquire a job with a top-tier salary. 

Helps To Learn Real Hacking Tools

Many IT professionals might have tried to work with some known popular hacking tools. It is unlikely that possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of using tools. The CEH course helps IT professionals to access around 140 real-world labs and 2,200 hacking tools. Having knowledge about a wide range of hacking tools enables individuals to protect an organization’s networks, data, and many other assets. 

Ideal For IT Security And Network Professionals 

The CEH course is not ideal for penetration testers’ ethical hacking course for network and IT security professionals. Networking professionals can go for the CEH certification, as they have a baseline in the cybersecurity domain. 

Conclusion about the ethical hacking course

For the CEH course, you must select the best and successful training organization, like Koenig Solutions. This training organization is a market leader in providing IT certification training. Proficient and experienced tutors offer effective and productive hacking. Training that enables applicants to earn the CEH Certification easily. 


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