5 Incredible Advances in Car Technology Shaping the Future

Are you excited about the infusion of technology that car manufacturers are prioritizing these days? Do you wonder what’s next for the innovative technology that they’ll be placing into your car? If so, then you need to learn all you can about the upcoming advances in car technology.

Doing so will help you stay ahead of the game. You’ll see all of the upcoming features that you want in your car and can make plans to either install them in your vehicle or purchase a new one with them in it.

See below for more information on the most jaw-dropping technological advances coming to a car near you.

1. Amazing Safety Driving Features

Safety technology has been slowly making its way into cars within the last decade. Year after year, they get progressively more detailed and helpful. These days, however, some of those safety features are focused on taking the responsibility away from the driver.

For example, adaptive cruise control will now allow your car to reduce its speed in the spirit of keeping a safe distance from the car ahead of you. No more having to adjust the cruise control speed every time you’re coming up on a slow car.

Here are some of the safety features you should be looking for in your next vehicle:

  • Lane Keep Assist: Lane keep assist helps steer your car back into its lane if you start to drift outside of it. Systems are getting to where they can detect even the faintest of lines.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: As mentioned earlier, allows you to use your cruise control feature and gives the car the ability to slow down or accelerate while keeping a safe distance from the cars ahead of you.
  • Safety Exit Assist: Prevents backseat passengers (such as your children) from opening their door when a car or motorcycle is coming up from behind.
  • Auto Emergency Brake: Relatively self-explanatory. Helps you react quickly to emergencies by automatically applying the brakes on your car.

2. Navigation Systems

These days, almost all drivers are reliant on some form of GPS to get them to where they want to go. They want the fastest route without having to experience any setbacks.

However, GPS can be unsafe if you’re accessing it from your phone. It would cause you to constantly look down to make sure you don’t miss your turn. Unfortunately, 5 or 6 seconds is all it takes to cause a car crash.

Thanks to car navigation, you can have a safer way to get directions without sabotaging the quality of the ride. Many cars come with car navigation features inside. Granted, most of those require you to purchase a higher trim level to access it.

Even if you aren’t looking to purchase a new car, fear not! There’s still a way to get car navigation. They can be installed in virtually any vehicle, being placed into your car’s dashboard system with relative ease. For a makeshift car navigation system, you can purchase a phone holder to prop your phone up at your eye level while you drive. Where there is a will, there is a way!

3. Electroluminescent Paint

Prepare yourself, this might be the most futuristic item on this list! Electroluminescent paint, otherwise known as EL paint, is a process that allows you to actually paint with lights.

It involves four different layers of paint to give your car a beautiful coat that hides the lighting elements of your paint job. The painting solution itself contains electrodes that light up from the inverter in your car! How crazy is that?

Install this on your car and get the chance to look like a character from the movie Tron. Whether you’re rolling down the streets of downtown on a Saturday night or just cruising in a highway tunnel, everyone beside you will take a second glance at your vehicle. It comes in a variety of colors.

4. Smartwatch Integration

People lost their minds when Bluetooth was first introduced to a car’s infotainment system. People couldn’t believe that you could hook your phone up to the car (wirelessly) and play music from it.

Well, now car manufacturers are taking that one step further by installing smartwatch integration to control key features of your vehicle. Just as an example, manufacturers hope to create the ability for you to start your car, lock your car, and turn off your headlights from your smartwatch.

Imagine being able to walk towards your car and say “turn on engine” before you’re even reaching for the door. The future is full of potential!

5. Automated Parking

Are you afraid of parallel parking? If so, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that almost half of Americans have a legitimate fear of parallel parking.

Thank goodness for automated parking that’s on the rise! For starters, the car will be able to take control of the wheel to help you parallel park or fit into those tiny spaces.

But here’s the crazy part: pretty soon, the car will be able to drop you off, then park itself. Manufacturers are working on having the GPS communicate open parking spaces to your car’s software so that the car can then park itself.

Invest in This Car Technology for Your Driving

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of the amazing upcoming and breakthrough Auto parts and technology features on the market, be sure to find a way to get your hands on them soon.

Remember, some of these features can’t be installed in older cars. To gain access to them, you’ll have to be willing to spend more money on higher trim levels for upcoming models.

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