Most people know the feeling of misplacing their car keys. Sometimes the original may be found after some searching, but in other cases, a replacement will need to be made. But how does car key replacement work with the advanced laser-cut automotive keys that are commonly used in today’s vehicles? Read on for the answer to this question and for further information about laser-cut keys.

Car Key Replacement: How Does a Laser Cut Automotive Keys?

How Are Laser-Cut Car Keys Made?

Modern car keys are manufactured using high-powered lasers that cut into the metal to create the unique patterns needed for keys to function. This method of key-making was developed in the early 1990’s as car manufacturers sought to create a more secure car key. Today, the process has been adopted by practically all major automotive manufacturers, making laser-cut sidewinder keys the standard.

The highly-focused heat that a laser generates cuts through the metal with ease. By using careful, precise design, key manufacturers are able to create the rather unusual shapes that laser-cut sidewinder keys need to function. Laser technology is able to quickly produce these keys so that spares and replacements can be quickly made as a driver needs them.

Advantage of Laser-Cut Car Keys

Sidewinder keys have several advantages over styles of car keys that were used in older models in years gone by. First, these keys provide a higher degree of security to vehicles. Because the patterns made from the laser-cutting process are so unique, it is more difficult to override the key’s security measures and start the car without them. Together with the transponder system used in modern keys, this technology helps to keep vehicles safe from tampering.

Another advantage of this type of key is the convenience that they offer drivers. Sidewinder keys get their name from the fact that they can be inserted into the ignition from either side. This negates the need to fumble around with the keys while getting the vehicle started, leading to a more intuitive driving experience. This can also shave precious seconds off the time it takes to start the vehicle during emergency situations.

How an Automotive Key Supplier Can Help

Most people will lose their keys at some point. The good news is that laser-cut keys are quick and simple to replace, provided you know where to turn when you need a replacement made. Some services even offer off-hours car key replacement so that you have somewhere to turn even when you run into problems late at night. Having an automotive key provider you can rely on for this service is essential for your peace of mind.

Don’t wait for an emergency to look into key replacement providers. Instead, ensure that you’re prepared ahead of time by looking into automotive key suppliers with a trustworthy reputation in your area now. Keep their contact information on hand so that if you’re ever in a situation where you need a replacement key quickly made, you’ll be prepared in advance.