Car Financing: What Does It Mean?

Car financing is also known as auto financing. It is a very common service offered by car dealers. Car financing is used to describe the various types of financial instruments that are available for people to become car owners. Car financing is usually an option for people who are unable to make a single full (outright) payment for the chosen vehicle.

How to get a car financing deal

Car financing is usually provided by a lending institution (when you apply through the car dealer). Banks and other financial institutions also provide car financing services. With these financial products, the buyer can pay the car manufacturer or the dealer since they do not have the money for outright payment. Car financing makes it possible for the buyer to borrow money to purchase a car. This way, the car seller gets their full money. The buyer usually pays back the money in instalments with special rates given to them.

Car financing: The easiest way to become a proud car owner

Car financing is a great way for people to become proud car owners. This is a widely used financial product by businesses and the public. Due to the interest of potential customers in car financing instruments, service providers usually have available options for every customer. When it comes to car financing in the US, there are generally two available options: dealership financing and direct lending.

Car financing through a dealerships

With dealership financing, car buyers usually get their financing using car dealers or sellers. With this option, the customer and the dealer go into an agreement. In this type of arrangement, the customer buys the vehicle with the agreement to pay the full money spread over a specific period. They usually get to pay the full amount they borrowed plus some sort of service charge. Dealership car financing has three primary benefits:

They are convenient: Dealers have many cars and different financing options for each. This means that you can choose whatever car and financing fit your long-term plans. Dealerships unlike financial institutions have extended working hours.

Lots of options: Car dealers are usually in partnership with various financial institutions and banks, this way, the customer has several car financing options to choose from.

Special program: Car dealers usually have special programs which they offer their customers. This can be sponsored programs from manufacturers that offer low car financing rates and many other attractive features. Most of these programs have special requirements but are extremely beneficial for buyers.

Car financing by direct lending

With this type of car financing option, the customer usually gets a financial loan from the lender directly. In this scenario, the lender can be a credit union, a finance company, or a bank. The car buyer usually signs a contract to pay back the loan in instalments which are spread over a set time. They are usually charged a service charge and interest.

The additional charges are added to the initial lending amount and then spread over a period. It is recommended that car buyers shop around for the right lender before settling for the right option. This means that they should understand the different lending terms before making a decision. For more great info on car financing go to