Can You Really Make Money on Online Casino Games?

In Sweden, as with any part of the world, with the right amount of determination, it isn’t difficult to find ways to make money. There are always business opportunities for those who take the initiative, from starting a side business to playing the stock market to planting the seeds of a long-term investment.

But, for the most part, unless you start a business doing something you truly love, all of the various ways we can conceivably make money are forms of labor. How, then, can we make money while enjoying life? 

If you’re reading this, then you’ve most likely already considered playing Sweden’s online casinos as your main source of income. But, just how feasible is this?

The answer, according to research by Swedish author and professional gambler Carlos Norberg, is that it is entirely possible to make your living gambling. 

Read on for leading advice on how you can make money with online casino games. 

Beating the Odds

Swedish online casinos, such as casino sverige, are businesses, and so they are designed to give the casino a slight advantage over players, thereby turning a profit for the casino in the long term. So, Swedish gamblers need to adopt a strategy of minimizing their losses in order to stay out of the red.

Choose A Legit Platform

The very first thing you will want to do before you ever put any money on the line is to carefully consider your options when it comes to the various online casinos available. Be sure to read plenty of reviews, verify the validity of the online casino’s license and registration, and check whether they accept secure banking and payment options.

Take Every Bonus You Can Get

Many Swedish online casinos attract new customers by offering bonuses and incentives for registering, as well as for depositing certain amounts. When it comes to cash-in or deposit bonuses, these benefits typically increase with the amount deposited.

This works well for the casino because it means players will have a sunk cost that they’ll feel compelled to spend. At the same time, players can use online casino bonuses to hedge the odds in their favor at no additional risk to their own wallets.

If you receive slot machine spins for free or bonus chips, your first priority should be exhausting these. This way, it is possible to start winning real money without taking any risks. From there, you can use these free winnings to bankroll your subsequent bets. 

Skill Over Luck

Most casino games are based on luck. It’s in a casino’s best interests to take the skill out of the equation so that there are no external factors that may influence the outcome of games. With entirely luck-based games like slots, the saying holds true, and the house always wins.

However, not all casino games are created equal. The odds of skill-based games like blackjack and poker can be tipped in your favor with enough familiarity and knowledge of how the games are played and how to hedge your bets. Cultivating the right skills involves being critical of anecdotal advice like, “Never go all in,” because there are situations where this can be beneficial. It all comes down to being aware of your odds.

Another example is how, contrary to popular belief, counting cards is not actually illegal in Sweden. As a gambler, your greatest advantage will come from knowing which casino games to avoid, which ones to play and how to play them.


Casinos encourage players to reinvest their winnings in the hope of greater turn-over. But, the way casino games are designed actually makes it less likely that you will profit from playing them the longer you play.

In short, no matter how skilled a gambler you are, eventually, the house wins. But, as with any business venture, your chances of turning a profit dramatically increase with the right budgeting and money management skills. Walking away with a profit is about setting limits, knowing when to cash out, and resisting the urge to put it all on the line.