Can You Live Stream Sports And Watch TV Online While Abroad?

How can you watch TV while abroad? It’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself a dozen times. If you’re currently looking forward to or are already traveling, or if you have family or friends who love sports, this post is for you.

Let’s consider a scenario; you’re a huge football fan, and you’re currently abroad. You can’t wait to sit down on the sofa, grab a beer, and watch your favorite team play. But you’d like to cut costs, so you often switch your TV channel to the one broadcasting sports, thus limiting your live streaming options as per the licensing issues (geo-restrictions).

In this post, we will show you how to live stream sports and watch TV online when traveling & living abroad?

The Best Way to Watch TV Online from Abroad [QUICK GUIDE]Most US-based TV networks limit access to their TV shows to viewers who live inside the US borders and have a US IP address. Fortunately, watching TV online through a VPN is still possible.
A VPN service assigns your connected devices a new, temporary IP inside the US. This can make it appear that you are located in New York, even if you are sipping a cup of coffee somewhere in the UK. Thus, giving you access to region-locked content without any hassle.

If you are interested in living stream sport while being abroad, read on for information about what you need.

  1. Find Reliable Sites

If you want to watch the most important moments of a live event without interruptions, you need to find a good website. There are plenty of free sports streaming sites, but you have to select the best ones based on your sports preferences. This will provide you with a more amazing and enjoyable streaming experience.

Some websites do not always offer live streams of sports events, so you need to do your research and pick those that do. Once you find a good sports site, bookmark it so you can use it for future live events and seasons. With this tip, you won’t have to search through hundreds of unreliable pages each time you wish to watch live sport online from abroad.

  1. USE A VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

You can use a VPN to live stream all the major sporting events, even in another country! It means that wherever you are, no matter which time zone or how far away from home you might be, your VPN will unblock any geographical restrictions put in place by rights holders overseas.

This not only means that fans will be able to watch their favorite teams play live and watch the action as it unfolds all over the world, but it also means that sports fans will no longer need to worry about dealing with time zone restrictions.

Here are some of the major reasons to use a VPN service:

  • Using a virtual private network is one of the best ways to live stream sports online.
  • Live stream live sport while abroad.
  • Mask your activity
  • Access geo-restricted sites
  • Gain anonymity
  • Protect your privacy online
  • Get a safe and secure internet connection
  1. Use an IP Address Checker

An IP address checker is an essential tool for anyone who wants to live stream sport and watch TV online while being abroad. You must use an IP address checker if you have been streaming outside your home country or trying to access geo-restricted content from another place.

As a result, you can confirm the IP address of your current location. You can also change that IP address to access live streams of sporting events, live television broadcasts, and other free content on platforms like Kodi by using a server with a high-speed internet connection.

  1. Make Sure You Have a Good Connection

You will need a fast internet connection to live stream sports. If you are not sure how fast your connection is, visit to find out what speeds you have at the moment.

Ensure you have a strong enough internet connection to live stream online in your hotel room and lobby. When you are traveling, it can be difficult to live stream your favorite sports.

Check the internet coverage at your hotel or guest house before you go away to see if they offer the ability to watch your favorite teams.


If you are planning to travel, you won’t be able to catch the last few episodes of your favorite TV show or watch sports events live online without some help. You just need an internet connection, a reliable VPN, the right streaming service, and an account with them.