Can You Do Tricks on an Electric Skateboard?

Riding a super cool electric skateboard and not indulging in creative tricks sounds quite illegal. If you have a gear like a skateboard you are bound to do tricks on it. And if you’re a skateboard geek who likes to explore more of it, you might want to know if you can do tricks on an electric skateboard or not. Although riding straight is already filled with fun, performing tricks would take the experience to the next-level.

And if you are in a restricted skateboard area with protection ensured, the privilege to invent more tricks comes handy. In this post, we shall find out if it is possible to do tricks on an e-skateboard if it has some limitations. However, as you know skateboarding is not everyone’s cup of tea so, you need to be highly careful not to bump into other riders or with other objects.

Can You Do Tricks on an Electric Skateboard?

Yes, you can certainly do chic and interesting tricks on an electric skateboard. But, if you are a beginner, it’s better for you to learn how to ride an electric skateboard before you opt for the “tricks”. On the other hand, if you are not a newbie, there are so many tricks that you can give them a shot and two of the most popular tricks are:


Shuvit is a quite popular e-board trick. To do this make sure you have the best electric skateboard purchased from a reliable store such as The real name of this trick is Ty Hop, who is a well-known skater. However, this trick is done when you put your foot near the top of the board. 

After that, you keep your foot on the deck’s pooch and hang your toes over the board. While doing so, press the tail and then your e-board will lean outwards. Make sure to use your back foot in order to shove the board simultaneously and make the angle of 108-degree.

Ghostride Kickflip

This is one of the quite popular tricks when it comes to electric skateboarding. When your e-board is moving, you jump off the board and kick the below area of your deck with your foot quire hardly. This motion flips the board and makes it land on the ground on wheels. When you ace this trick it looks cool!

There are many more interesting tricks of an electric skateboard including Chop the wood, The Shanker, Spin Big, Cross stepping, Stand up slide, Flat Top, Walk the plank, No complaining  that you can learn and try out for a more fun and joyful ride. However, some of the tricks can be dangerous therefore you should properly learn and perform under guidance to keep off the serious injury.

Is there any restriction to electric skateboard tricks?

Since electric skateboarding is a thrilling and exciting game with a lot of fast movement, it involves a greater risk as well. Therefore, you should never forget to wear a safety helmet and equipment that minimizes serious head or joint injury. Besides, wearing a helmet would reduce the head injury up to 70% which is noticeable. Some of the tips for better skateboard riding are

·         You should always wear the high-quality and proper equipment

·         Maintain your balance throughout the ride and keep the stance assured

·         Make sure the weight on front foot

·         Achieve perfection in smooth take off and braking

·         Prefer to use auto-cruise if you have it

·         Always indulge in an electric skateboard ride if you are well-practiced, or else it would be quite dangerous.