Can You Bring a Disposable Vape on a Plane? – Dos and Don’ts

Many people who are gearing up for their much-anticipated vacations would want to take some time to unwind. The holidays are a time when you might finally have a couple of weeks off work. Whether it’s a seaside retreat or another delightful destination, the idea of spending quality time with family in a relaxing setting is undoubtedly appealing.

However, if you’re planning to travel, you’ll likely want to ensure you have your disposable vapes with you. Nobody wants to spend the first day of their vacation searching for a vape shop, right? Now, the big question: Can you bring disposable vapes on a plane? The answer in short is a yes. 

So let’s tell you just how straightforward it is to pack your disposable vapes for air travel. It’s essential, though, to familiarize yourself with the requirements before your journey. Improper packing of your vaping devices can pose risks and may result in your vapes being confiscated. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to taking disposable vape pens on a plane.

Do Disposable Vapes Have Special Packing Requirements? 

The main reason vapes have specific packing requirements for air travel is due to their built-in batteries. Lithium-ion batteries, commonly found in vaping devices, hold a significant amount of power in a compact form but are known for their volatility and sensitivity to changes in temperature and air pressure. 

Packages containing such batteries thus need special warning labels when transported by air. If lithium-ion batteries overheat, they can discharge hot flames, making their safe handling crucial. Airlines also impose particular packing rules for liquid items. While most liquids can be placed in checked luggage, the same doesn’t apply to liquids you intend to carry in your hand luggage.

Disposable vapes are unique because they fall into both of these categories. They contain batteries and liquid. Therefore, to ensure compliance with all requirements, you must pack disposable vapes differently from other vaping products if you plan to bring them on a plane. 

How to Bring Disposable Vapes on a Plane

As mentioned earlier, you cannot pack vaping devices with batteries in your checked luggage when traveling by plane, except for devices with removable batteries. This must be packed separately in your carry-on bag. Disposable vapes do not fall under this exception, so they must be carried in the passenger cabin.

Because disposable vapes contain liquid, you have an additional requirement when bringing them on a plane. You need to place them in a quart-sized zip-top plastic bag, just like other liquid or gel items such as shampoo, conditioner, or toothpaste in your carry-on bag. 

Each item in the bag should not exceed 100 ml (3.4 oz), and all liquid items must fit within this single zip-top bag. During the security checkpoint, you’ll be asked to remove the zip-top bag for inspection.

Apart from placing disposable vapes in your carry-on bag, some airlines may allow you to carry a vaping device in your pocket, similar to how you might have carried a pack of cigarettes when you were a smoker. However, the final decision on this matter rests with the security officer, so be prepared to place the device in your carry-on bag if requested.

When packing disposable vapes for air travel, it’s a good idea to keep them in their original packaging. Many disposable vapes come with stickers covering their airflow holes, especially high-capacity ones. These stickers are essential to prevent vape juice from leaking due to changes in air pressure.

Vaping Inside The Plane

You are strictly prohibited from using any vaping device on an airplane, and attempting to do so may result in significant fines. It’s essential not to try discreetly vaping in your seat or using your disposable vape in the restroom. 

This is crucial because flight attendants are well-informed about vaping and can easily detect anyone trying to use such a device. Furthermore, most airlines do not permit passengers to use USB ports for charging vaping devices.

Your disposable vape should remain either in your pocket or your carry-on bag throughout the entire flight. If you anticipate struggling with nicotine cravings during the journey, consider bringing an alternative nicotine replacement product like nicotine gum.

Regulations on Traveling with Disposable Vapes

It’s crucial to understand that the rules concerning disposable vapes on airplanes may differ from your home country to your destination. Familiarizing yourself with these regulations is your responsibility, as airport or airline staff wont guide you through them. 

Here are some key points to consider when traveling with disposable vapes.

  • Vaping Laws Vary: While most developed nations permit vaping, some have banned it entirely. For example, Singapore has a strict vaping ban. If vaping is illegal at your destination, you cannot bring disposable vapes and should seek alternative nicotine sources.
  • Public Vaping: Many countries have stringent laws about vaping in public spaces. It’s essential to avoid vaping in public in foreign countries unless you’re certain it’s allowed. Ignorance of public vaping laws has resulted in tourists facing hefty fines in places like Thailand.
  • Littering Rules: Many regions have strict littering laws. Always dispose of your disposable vapes properly and avoid dropping them on the ground after use.

Before traveling to a foreign country, research its vaping regulations. While possession and use may be permitted, the sale of vaping products could be banned, meaning you won’t find vape shops. Some countries allow vaping but prohibit the sale of nicotine-containing e-liquids. Ensure you’re allowed to bring your own disposable vapes for personal use in such cases.

Safety Considerations

Another critical aspect to keep in mind is the safety of your disposable vape while on an airplane. While some might be concerned about the possibility of a battery malfunction, this concern extends to devices like laptops, cell phones, and other electronics that use lithium-ion batteries.

However, with disposable vapes, the occasional issue to watch out for is auto-firing, which can be problematic. One reliable method to stop auto-firing is, not something you can do on a plane,  slamming the device on the pavement.

Considering that disposable vapes are readily available at convenience stores and gas stations. It might make more sense to leave them at home and purchase one when you reach your destination.

If you’re under 18 and traveling with a disposable vape, it’s essential to dispose of it immediately. Not only should you avoid flying with a disposable vape, but it’s also illegal for you to use one in general.

While possession of a disposable vape is generally not illegal for those under 18, it is illegal for you to purchase them. Although the TSA is not likely to check your age, it’s wise not to give them a reason to question the legality of your possession.

Travel Tips for Vape Pens

  • When traveling with a non-disposable vape pen, consider the potential for e-liquid expansion due to cabin pressure changes. Ensure you have sufficient storage space and pack a charger with an adapter.
  • For shorter trips, disposable vapes are a convenient choice. They are compact, require no charger, and eliminate concerns about e-liquid expansion in your pocket or bag.
  • You can bring your disposable vape on a plane. However, follow specific guidelines to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience.
  • Disposable nicotine vapes are allowed on airplanes but only in your carry-on luggage or personal storage; they should never be placed in checked baggage due to their lithium-ion battery.
  • When passing through TSA, it’s acceptable to place your disposable vape in the same container as other metal-containing devices and items.
  • Despite their plastic appearance, disposable vapes contain lithium-ion batteries and internal metal components, making them subject to the same regulations as laptops during air travel (with the exception that you can use a laptop on a plane).


It is best to treat your disposable vapes like any other compact electronic device when flying or passing through TSA checkpoints. Keep in mind that using them is strictly prohibited on planes. It’s perfectly acceptable to carry them as long as they are not stowed in your checked luggage.

Additionally, it’s crucial to understand that stealth vaping should only be tried when there are no real consequences involved. Attempting to vape in an airplane is not only against regulations but also unwise. 

Consider alternatives like nicotine toothpicks, lozenges, or pouches to curb your cravings during travel. Remember, the potential consequences of getting caught far outweigh the brief satisfaction of vaping.