Around 195 countries in the world today, the Republic of Singapore is the most preferred study destination for international students. With a cutting-edge academic curriculum, world-class infrastructure and experienced tutors, Singapore has been ranked as the best study location by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). According to the International Trade Administration, more than 50,000 students from across the world are studying in Singapore. There are 34 universities in Singapore that offer internationally accredited programmes to international students. Some leading universities in Singapore are also popular for providing part-time bachelor degree to international students.

That’s not all. Singapore universities have also topped the QS World University Rankings 2021. Apart from these features, low-cost education, multi-racial nature, safety, medium of instruction and high living standards have been an attraction for a large chunk of international students in Singapore.

Wondering, can international students study part-time bachelors in Singapore? Undoubtedly, yes. Pursuing a part-time bachelor’s degree in Singapore makes students employable in the global labour market. Above all, a part-time bachelor’s degree in Singapore is popular for several reasons. Let us talk about the major ones.

  1. Broad range of programmes: Some top universities in Singapore offer a wide range of part-time bachelor’s programmes in various disciplines. International students are offered over ten part-time bachelor’s programmes in Singapore universities. Some of the most opted part-time bachelor’s programmes are Business, Accounting, Finance, Law, Hospitality and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Convenient mode of study: The best part about these universities is that it allows students to choose between full-time and part-time programmes. So, students can also do a part-time job after their studies. However, international students are not allowed to work for more than 16 hours a week during their studies in Singapore.
  • Experienced Faculty: Notably, students learn from the highly experienced faculty members even in the part-time bachelor’s programme. Mainly, the official website of universities dedicates a section to their faculty members. Thus, students can learn about the faculties of the particular course from the university’s website.
  • Internationally recognised degree: These top universities provide accredited part-time bachelor’s programmes. The degrees earned in Singapore make students employable globally. In a few leading universities, part-time bachelor’s degrees are designed and awarded by the University of Greenwich and University of East London.
  • Career Support: The internationally accredited degrees help students in adding values to their CVs. Students can prepare for interviews and secure their dream job across the globe. Additionally, degrees earned in Singapore hold more weight than the degrees of other nations.

Students also get an opportunity to stay in Singapore and search for jobs in the world’s fastest-growing economy. Universities also provide scholarships to aspiring students willing to earn a bachelor’s degree in Singapore. If you are keen on pursuing a part-time bachelor’s degree in Singapore, explore top colleges and universities for a well-informed decision. Enrol in the programme today and enjoy the vibrant lifestyle and work environment of Singapore.


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