Can I use NCERT Solutions for all subjects?

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the country’s most reputable boards and is exceptionally famous because of its integrative and youth-focused education system. However, CBSE is also regarded as the country’s most challenging board, opening several possibilities for students with high academic credentials. CBSE board examinations are the most challenging stepping stones for all students as, based on their results, students of class 11 and 12 decide on which fields they would like to pursue a career in, such as Commerce, Science or Arts. These grades also establish the admission priorities for students based on their merit. As a result, if students want to jump-start their careers and gain greater chances in the future, they must focus and perform well in their CBSE board examinations. To achieve higher performance, students must comprehend their whole curriculum and receive adequate direction on which areas to prioritise. This is when the NCERT textbooks come into play. 

Because of the manner it especially targets the requirements of rural students, NCERT books are well-known referring materials throughout the country. These books are organised into chapters based on their themes, and the chapters are presented in a simple manner that all pupils can understand. These publications place a strong focus on the process of learning rather than the result. Students can learn new ways of answering different questions by completing the activities listed at the end of each chapter. NCERT books are also reasonably priced, making them accessible to all students. The National Center for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is a non-profit organisation that runs on a no-profit, no-loss basis. NCERT Books for Class 12 All Subjects can be used by students to prepare themselves for their class 12 board exams and any competitive exams they are aspiring to participate in. NCERT books are especially very useful for mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, history, geography, economics, and politics.

Why NCERT solutions for all subjects?

Focuses on core concepts

NCERT books concentrate on core concepts to assist students in understanding the key ideas. They are substantial, successful, and highly concentrated. Simply studying and analysing all of the core concepts mentioned in the NCERT books without referring to any other academic books is more than enough for students to score excellent marks because it saves them time looking for better-referencing material; instead, they can open an NCERT book and start reading! NCERT books for all the subjects have been curated specially by experts after a great amount of research. These books are considered the standard referencing material for all of the subjects for CBSE students; this is why referring to these books instead of going through multiple other notes can be very helpful for the students. These books are well-structured and cover a wide range of subjects. Unlike many other publications, they begin with the basics and progress to a higher level. So, if students want to understand the concepts better, NCERT is the way to go.

Professionally curated in easy language

Professionals produce NCERT books after considerable study on each topic to offer students accurate and genuine knowledge. These publications are intended to provide appropriate knowledge and understanding in an easy-to-comprehend style to all students, regardless of their cognitive level. All subjects are described in great detail. NCERT books are a reliable source of knowledge because the content is given by government agencies and institutes. Before they are released, NCERT books are thoroughly verified and rechecked to ensure that the material is accurate. Students can save a lot of time when studying because it is written in simple language. They can understand more complex ideas and themes.

Follows the same curriculum as CBSE board

 It is common knowledge that virtually all of the CBSE syllabus is based on NCERT books because they follow the same curriculum. Reviewing these books, which are rigorously prepared to comply with CBSE rules, will help the students achieve significant insight into all the essential topics. CBSE is well-known for frequently altering and adding new subjects to their syllabus each year, further confusing students and making it impossible for them to refer to prior years’ exam papers.

Students can learn from NCERT books because they follow the same guidelines as that of the CBSE board. The best method to study for these books is to study subject-wise. Doing this will help students to achieve clarity on all the concepts and will be able to retain the information for a longer time. Subjects students find more challenging than others should be studied first, requiring more time than others.  

Practice problems

NCERT books can act as a lifesaver for the students when they are in full-blown panic mode and want to know which topic to prioritise over the other. Fortunately for them, every NCERT book has an “important questions” section at the end of every chapter,  making it easier to acquire and memorise complex ideas. Along with this, practise problems such as ‘fill in the blanks’, match the column’, and so on can assist students in understanding what to expect in their board exam question papers, allowing them to score higher. As the same syllabus will be followed in their board exams, students can be assured that most of the practise questions asked at the end of the chapters in the NCERT books can be asked in their board exams.


Based on these characteristics of NCERT books, it can be concluded that grabbing an NCERT book rather than attempting to locate numerous sources of notes for CBSE board examinations would be the ideal method for students to acquire excellent marks and move on to get a more significant opportunity in the real world. Also, now, NCERT books are online, where it will be more interactive and more convenient to learn. IQBoardips touchscreen can make it more interesting.As class 12 is the deciding point for all the students, depending on their marks in this class, they will get opportunities for their colleges in future. The better the score, the higher their chances of choosing a top college to complete their graduation. Hence, thoroughly going through all the NCERT books for all the subjects is the best way to score amazing marks.