Can I Get Pregnant With PCOD/PCOS? Know by The Best IVF Centre in Gurgaon

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) are the most commonly occurring hormonal disorders among women. According to surveys across the world, PCOD & PCOS affect 10% & 2% of women across the globe. 

Did you know that despite being majorly affected because of this particular syndrome, women are very less aware of its symptoms and treatments? In addition, many professionals mention that women brush away or avoid topics that are related to fertility, menstruation, etc. Let’s understand what the doctors of the best IVF centre in Gurgaon have to say about it.

How do PCOS and PCOD affect women’s fertility differently?

Women’s infertility gets affected because of cyst formation or insulin secretion. While PCOS & PCOD carry similar and relatable symptoms, it is difficult to differentiate what’s causing problems with infertility. To clear the air, PCOD gets triggered when all the premature eggs inside the ovaries get accumulated resulting in the cyst’s formation whereas PCOS refers to the secretion of insulin & male hormones excessively through endocrine glands.

Can women get pregnant via IVF if they have PCOS/PCOD?

Yes, women can definitely get pregnant via IVF if they have PCOS/PCOD. In fact, according to the top IVF centre, women having PCOS/PCOD have an advantage of conceiving through IVF.

PCOS/PCOD provides ovaries with multiple premature eggs. IVF centre, further, harvests those pre-mature eggs in the laboratory fusing them with the sperm of the male counterpart/donor. Women who are planning on freezing the embryos in the future can do so and try their second or third attempt at IVF.

What are the key points that need to be kept in mind when a woman with PCOS/PCOD is trying to conceive through IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization is a long journey where if you include PCOS/PCOD in it, you might go through a roller coaster of emotions. While you are trying to dodge the expensive IVF cost in Delhi, manage emotions, and find a balance, you must keep in mind to:

●   Maintain a healthy weight

PCOS affects the weight on a large scale and many women fail at handling their weight. Take necessary precautions while you are trying to conceive and keep a healthy weight. For instance, eating right, walking a certain number of steps every day, etc. Further, include necessary vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, etc in your diet because they are significant for your baby & healthy pregnancy.

●   Maintain Blood Sugar

PCOS/PCOD can lead you to high blood sugar levels because PCOS/PCOD changes the way our body consumes and uses insulin. Thus, when you manage your blood sugar levels, it will maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Include fiber, healthy fats, and protein in your diet which will help you keep your sugar levels at par.

●   Professional help

Women, most of the time, tend to ignore these symptoms because they are not aware of their effects. Be in touch with your doctors in case you witness any change in your lifestyle or if you witness hormonal disbalance.

Further, if you are witnessing the problem of infertility or any other pregnancy-related issues because of PCOS/PCOD, your fertility doctor will be the best person for you, who will guide you to move forward in the right direction.

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