Can I File a Lawsuit Claim if I Have Cancer as a Result of Using Zantac?

Cancer is a devastating disease that has been linked to many environmental, dietary, and medicinal causes. Some links between cancer and its causes are unclear. However, other links between cancer and potential causes are so strongly correlated that governing bodies and manufacturers are forced to implement recalls. The OTC medication Zantac is an example of one of these situations.

Zantac is ubiquitous medication that is commonly used in the treatment of heartburn. The pill is available over the counter and is classified as an antacid. However, recent studies have defined a troubling link between Zantac and various forms of cancer.

If you have developed cancer and you believe it may be associated with the use of Zantac, you may be entitled to compensation.

What is Zantac?

Zantac is a medication that is commonly recommended for heartburn, a condition suffered by millions of Americans. The medication does not require a doctor’s prescription and is (or was) available readily in any neighborhood pharmacy.

One of the chemical elements of Zantac, NDMA, is now considered a “probable carcinogen for humans”, or a cancer-causing substance.

Does Zantac Actually Cause Cancer?

In the Fall of 2019, the FDA had found a plethora of studies linking Zantac to an increased risk of developing cancer. Scientists point to a chemical component of Zantac, NDMA, as the culprit responsible for the cancer link. In fact, when researchers are studying cancer in lab animals, they routinely use NDMA to induce cancer in these animals.

In light of this information, the FDA issued a recall of Zantac and other similar medications. The FDA further advises people to stop taking Zantac if they currently are, and to discuss alternative medications with their doctor or qualified healthcare professional.

How do I Know if I’m Entitled to Compensation?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, and believe that Zantac or another medication containing NDMA may be responsible, you should consider a consultation with a qualified settlement lawyer for a Zantac lawsuit

Some of the other qualifications necessary for compensation are that you were younger than 66 years of age at the time of your cancer diagnosis and that you had been taking Zantac regularly for three months or longer.

Additionally, the specific cancer you suffer from must be one of the qualifying types. Your lawyer can help you determine if your cancer diagnosis falls into this category.

There have yet to be any settlements announced by Zantac, but many legal analysts predict that one may be developing soon. Being prepared before the settlement is announced will help you to get the most compensation to which you are entitled quickly.

You will likely have significant medical bills and a lifetime of complications due to your fight with cancer, and you should ensure that you get all the help to which you are entitled. The sooner you can set up a meeting with a lawyer to assist you in this process, the better.