Can I Buy Prescription Reading Glasses Online?

Suppose you’re tired of wearing your old prescription reading glasses, and you want to avoid paying several visits to the optometrist. And you are wondering if you can get a new pair of prescription reading glasses online. Well, you can! Shopping for prescription reading glasses, also known as readers glasses, on the internet is not only convenient, but it’s also affordable. Even if you’re new to prescription glasses, there are steps to follow to get the glasses that’ll perfectly meet your needs. Purchasing prescription glasses on the internet allows you to compare several brands. 

Meanwhile, before going ahead to buy a prescription glass, it is important to learn about it and know the steps to avoid buying the wrong one. To help people trying to buy prescription glasses online, we have decided to write a buying guide. In this guide, you will not only learn about prescription reading glasses. You will also know where to buy reader glasses here

What Are Prescription Reading Glasses?

Prescription reading glasses are eyeglasses prescribed by an optometrist. The lenses are usually built to meet your specific measurements and optical needs. They typically have a stronger and more accurate prescription than over-the-counter reading glasses.

Types of prescriptions glasses and their functions

There are a few different types of prescription glasses that you might need, depending on your situation. Here’s a quick breakdown;

Single Vision

This is the most common type of prescription glasses, and it’s used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. The whole lens has a single power that offers a full-field vision. Single vision reading glasses can be used to see a distance that’s as far as 18 inches (46 centimeters). 

Progressive Lenses

Progressive reading lenses or glasses are suitable for correcting presbyopia. They’re built to give three separate vision powers in one lens. Similar to bifocals, the multiple sections correct different distances. However, progressives are designed to give a more natural look and are less noticeable than bifocals. With the progressive lens, the user can see clearly by adjusting the head. For instance, to get a farsighted vision, you’ll need to tilt the head upwards, look straight ahead for a mid-range vision, and slightly tilt the head downwards for reading. 

Bifocal Reading Glasses

This type of prescription is for people who need help with both near and far vision. Bifocals have two separate sections, one for seeing close-up and one for distance. These two sections have different focal lengths, and a visible line usually separates them. For instance, if a person gets bifocal reading glasses for farsightedness and reading, the farsighted vision section will be located in the upper part, while the reading lens will be located below. 

Reader Glasses

Reader glasses are specifically designed for people who need correction for reading only. They typically come in various strengths depending on an individual’s optical needs. 

Steps To Take When Shopping For Prescription Glasses Online

To get the most out of your online purchase, here are a few steps to follow when shopping for a new pair of prescription glasses online:

Get a Valid Prescription

Without a valid prescription from an optometrist, you won’t be able to choose the correct lenses for your vision. Therefore, make sure to visit the optometrist to get a prescription for your glasses. The prescription should contain the following information: your pupillary distance, frame size, and your lens power. The pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between the centers of your pupils and is used to make sure your new glasses are designed precisely.

If you’re not new to prescription glasses and you have an existing prescription, be sure to use it when shopping online. This will ensure that you find glasses that are both comfortable and correct for your vision.

Conduct Proper Research

Once you have your prescription, take some time to research the different types of prescription reading glasses stores available online. There are lots of different brands to choose from, so find the ones that have a reputation for offering quality services before and after purchase. However, during your online research, you may find captivating deals; endeavor to confirm if the brand is reliable before making the purchase.

Choose A Frame

Another step is to pick a frame that suits the shape of your face, your personality, and your style. Take note that some frames look great on square faces, while others might be better suited for oval or round faces. Also, consider the design and color of your frame. However, before choosing a frame, measure the distance between the right and left temple and also take the horizontal measurements of your face. If this information is already included in your prescription, you can skip the measurement. Once you have the measurements, take time to compare them with the size chart provided by the retailer. This will ensure that you get a pair of glasses that fit perfectly.

What is the Price Range Of Getting Prescription Glasses Online

You can get good prescription glasses with basic frames and lenses for as low as $20. In general, the price ranges between $50 to $100 depending on the prescription, frame, and the online store. However, if you want premium lenses and designer frames, you might pay more which could range between $400 to $500. If you have vision insurance, it can be used to foot the bill for your online prescription glasses purchase. Nonetheless, endeavor to make inquiries from your online glasses store to check if they accept insurance payments.

Return Policy of Online Prescription Glasses Purchase

Generally, after purchasing your prescription reading glasses online and if there are some complaints, you can return them to the glasses store. For instance, if the glasses were not made according to prescription or the frame doesn’t fit, you can return the eyeglasses. However, be sure to confirm the return policy of the online glasses vendor before making your purchase. If the store support product returns due to failure to make the glasses as prescribed, the vendor can either produce a better pair of glasses or give a full or partial refund. Either way, you won’t run at a loss. 

In conclusion, to get the perfect prescription reading glasses online, endeavor to use the accurate prescription given by an optometrist.