Can BMX Be Used As A Normal Bike?

It is difficult to answer the question directly when we talk about using a BMX bicycle as a regular bike. An MTB is still a commuter bike for Mike. Let me just say that we must first know which types of bikes I prefer and what my preferences are in order to classify them as normal. Each person has their own preferences and terms.

You can use a BMX to ride a regular bike. However, it is not possible in all cases. In this article I will attempt to answer some of your questions. The answers depend on a few factors such as bike size, age, riding style, travel, gearing, wheels, etc. I will try to provide you with the most useful information by going through each phrase one at a time.

What’s a BMX bike used for?

BMX bike means bicycle motocross. This is an off-road bike, not a regular bicycle. There are many differences between BMX bikes and regular bikes. People who don’t have the necessary knowledge will struggle to understand the differences between these bikes. The next section will give you an overview of the different types of bikes and a comparison between them.

Why is the BMX bike so small?

BMX bikes were originally made for children. It caught the attention of adults after a while. Adults began to use BMX bikes for reaching and stunts. However, the size of BMX bikes didn’t change. Because-

  1. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver in the air.
  2. BMX bikes are often used for air stunts and jumps. Small size is the best in this instance.
  3. BMX bikes can be used in rough conditions. It is therefore more likely to cause injury. It can be reduced in size to protect it from being damaged.

Differences Between BMX Bikes and Regular Bikes

There are many popular bikes: MTB, Road, Tourin, Commuter, Hybrid, Cyclocross, Folding and best hybrid bikes. There are many types of bikes: racing bikes, sports bikes, BMXs, electric bikes or ebikes. Some customized bikes are unique in cycling.

Let’s compare BMX bikes to regular bikes.

Comparison ChartBMX BikeRegular Bike
SizeIt is smaller in stature.It’s bigger than BMX.
PriceBMX bikes are affordable.Regular bikes are expensive.
Useful fieldThese are great for short runs.They’re perfect for the long-term.
GearOne or two gears.You should have several gears
WheelsBMX bikes have smaller wheels, ranging from 20 to 24 inches.Regular Bikes come with wheels that measure 26-29 inches.
ExpertiseThey excel at reaching and performing stunts.They can be used for moving and traveling.

Many novice bikers try to compare BMX with Mountain Bike. You can’t compare them because they have completely different types, demands, variations.

Although BMX mongoose bike were initially designed to be used in the dirt, they have been adapted for other purposes. Most people now consider any bike with 20-inch wheels to be completely incorrect. We will only discuss two aspects of the problem.

  • Simply speaking, a mountain bike is one that you take out from storage and put in your car before taking to the trails, usually along a hill track. You then ride your bike on it and, when you’re done, you take it back to storage.
  • BMX bikes, on the other hand, are generally faster and more maneuverable because they have smaller wheels. They are not designed to travel long distances or on extremely difficult terrain. Mountain bikes are better at handling difficult terrain, so you will have a smoother ride but slower than BMX bikes.

Are BMX Bikes Equipped With Seats and Gears?

They have low seats to allow for clearance of things like bunny hops and bar spins, suicide no-handers, no-footed Cancan whips, and suicide no handers. Low seat geometry allows for easy pedaling, more power and to pump without having to lean too far behind the wheels.

  1. Are BMX Seats Comfortable? BMX seats can be uncomfortable if you plan to ride for a long distance. Some adjustments can make the riding experience more pleasant for cyclists.

Handlebar height, Saddle height, Saddle angle, Changing Saddle and Cleat Positioning.

  1. Can the BMX Bike Seat Be Changed? BMX seats can be easily interchanged or changed if they are the same size or length. All BMX bikes are 4 mm wide. Any manufacturing company that offers good construction materials is well-equipped.

Gearing up for BMX Cycling

Different BMX models are available on the market, so there are many different gearings. Two types of BMX gear can be found on a bike: tall and short. Short gearing has a lower gear ratio than tall gearing. Riders who have a higher gearing must pedal harder to generate biking speed. Short gearings, on the other hand, are easier to generate the same amount momentum.

The BMX bike typically has a higher gearing ratio, 44/16. Modern BMX bikes have smaller gearing ratios, such as 22/8, 23/8 and 25/9, but they also have a lower ratio of 36/13.

  • Most BMX bikes have one or two gears.
  • It is almost impossible to see a BMX without a fixed gear if the BMX isn’t a custom-made or specialized BMX bike.

Why are BMX bikes without brakes?

A BMX bike does not look like an ordinary bike. A BMX bike can be used for Stunt, Racing, or High-Velocity Hustling. BMX riders are able to maintain complete control of the road. BMX bikes don’t have brakes. However, this is not the truth. It has brakes on its rear wheels which are less effective (almost none). BMX manufacturers rely on U-brakes with rubber brake pad.

Can you ride a BMX bicycle without brakes?

You can also ride a BMX bicycle without brakes. You can ride BMX like any other bike but you must know how to stop it. They don’t have brakes. It would be better to focus on the task at hand.

There are many steps that can be taken to stop a BMX bicycle:

Step 1: Use your feet if the bike is too slow. Place your feet gently on the ground and then use your feet to grasp the ground.

Step 2: If your bike is fast, apply pressure to the rear wheels using the feet. The BMX will eventually stop after a while.

Step 3: When you place one foot on the ground, the bike will stop if it is completely turned.

Can a BMX be used as a normal bike?

Let’s now dive deep into the main topic. This section will cover all the details that will help you to understand BMX’s use as a regular mode of transportation.

Who are BMX bikes suitable for?

We all know that BMX bikes can be used for stunts and dirt jumping, as well as racing. This bike is suitable for all ages: teens, adults, children, and seniors.

The user’s age, height, and weight will determine which size bike is best. The following table will help you understand the issues.

Rider heightAgeSize of BMX bike
4’00” or less7 years15”-16”
4’0”-4’6”10 years16”-17”
4’4” -4’10”12 years17”-18’5”
4’8”-5’4”14 years18’5”-19’5”
5’4”-5’10”20 years20”-20’5”
5’10” and more20 years or more20’5” or more

What age should you begin BMX?

A 16-inch BMX is a popular choice for children aged 5-8 years old. It is important to choose the right bike for your child or children based on their height and weight. The above mountain bike size chart will help you with that.

A BMX is a smaller bike that is designed for maximum speed and control. It is a popular choice among kids, teens, and beginners.

Moreover, if grown-ups like Thomas Batty, Kurt Vonnegut, and Christian Lucas can ride BMX bikes, why not you? All of them are 45+ years old and still enjoy doing cool things after their ages. All ages can improve their handling skills by riding a bicycle. However, mature adults shouldn’t care about what other people think about their choice in two-wheeled transport. It is still a mature decision, if you are concerned about falling or other comfortable issues.

  • There is also the question of “Is a BMX bike suitable for a 6’1″ guy?” Oh, Man! I’m trying to say that we are here to do things on Earth, and you shouldn’t believe anyone telling you otherwise.


You can see that I covered all high-voltage questions through the topic: Can a BMX be used like a regular bicycle? I have discussed the benefits, braking style and gearing of the BMX, as well as its seat, disadvantages and other relevant aspects. A BMX is designed for acrobatic movements and doing something else. It is not the best choice for long rides.

Other criteria and matters of selection are up to you, and only you. This is the most important thing to remember: “No one is too old or too small to ride a bicycle.” Please don’t listen to anyone telling you what to do.