As Caribbean inns go, Caerula Mar is outstanding for a couple of reasons. In addition to the fact that it is the principal new lodging to open on the Bahamas’ pristine South Andros island in almost 20 years, yet its pared-back plan feels a sea away from any shabby set-up that may befit a broadcast makeover (which, attributable to its proprietors’ HGTV Canada family, was an outright chance), causing the inn to feel nearer to the smooth inns of, say, Anguilla, than the slapped-up shiplap so endemic to other Bahamian contenders. Arriving takes some additional work, as well: You’ll fly into Nassau, then, at that point bounce on a puddle jumper to Congo Town International, the island’s air terminal. You can likewise fly direct on a personal luxury plane from Fort Lauderdale. At first, the retreat should make a big appearance last November—however the opening was pushed back due to Hurricane Dorian, which hit in late August, to give representatives time to lament and to help family members on adjoining islands who were affected by the tempest.

What’s the origin story?

The beginnings of Caerula Mar, which unobtrusively opened its entryways in December, peruses practically like a meet-adorable from a rom-com: Bryan and Sarah Baeumler were on a sailing trip in the Caribbean in 2017 when a substantial downpour cleared in, impacting their arrangements; recalibrating, they took a gander at the guide, highlighted the immense, moderately obscure mass that is Andros, and were coming. The two occurred on the endured husk of a mid-century resort not long in the wake of making landfall and, as is commonly said in the films, the rest is history. The redesign interaction is additionally the premise of one of the couple’s HGTV shows, Island of Bryan.

Reveal to us about the facilities. Any tips on what to book?

The retreat’s 24 suites and estates, flooded with velvety neutrals and unobtrusive surfaces like white oak floors, pale travertine tiles, and new Libeco cloths, can seem like minimal in excess of a setting for South Andros’ untainted magnificence, an amiable companion who assumes the supporting part easily. However, there are a lot of subtleties worth paying special mind to: On the dividers are vintage high contrast photographs of local people that Sarah found and exploded. Manors likewise have clean perusing niches with perspectives on the sea—also that rooms are calculated ideally for sea sees

Drinking and feasting—what are we taking a gander at?

Regardless of whether they’re perched by the pool or spreading their towels on the sand, visitors can arrange a late morning grub from Driff’s Beach Bar, which offers upmarket sea shore dishes like buttermilk-seared lobster nibbles and avocado-lime hummus. There’s Switcha, as well, a relaxed bistro that takes its name from the Bahamian expression for lemonade, where you can get a new natural product smoothie and a fast baked good to refuel after a morning run. You can wait there, as well, in the midst of its tropical backdrop, while you skim your telephone for the day’s features. Yet, Lusca, the retreat’s top notch eatery, is the superstar. Named for a legendary Andros animal, the eatery, driven by Argentine gourmet specialist Sebastian Perez, has a focal kitchen that prepares the nourishment for both of different spots. It likewise siphons out its own new menu consistently relying upon what fixings are accessible, with a few selections of canapés, a decision of meat, fish, and vegan mains, and a solitary pastry. To the lodging’s credit, the food, fluctuated for what it’s worth, from sesame-crusted ahi fish, to delicate, red wine-braised short ribs, is likewise totally tasty—a vital element, given that it’s reasonable the solitary spot you’ll have supper during your visit.

Furthermore, the help?

The help is pleasant, yet additionally somewhat over-anxious. Staff are practically all local people, with most selected from Andros and the encompassing islands.

What sort of voyagers will you discover here?

Given the Baumler’s HGTV presence, you’re responsible to track down a decent number of individual Canadians here, for the most part coupled up and searching for a heartfelt escape.

Is there anything you’d change?

The help is somewhat enthusiastic, if incredibly good natured. All things considered, we give Caerula Mar focuses for employing a totally nearby staff, from Andros and the encompassing islands. Also, the single-room spa can’t presently oblige couples’ medicines, which at a marvelous, heartfelt hotel like this is somewhat of a bummer.

Some other inn highlights important?

Bobo’s Cool Off, a little daiquiri shack around a 15-minute bicycle ride from the hotel, is a decent hit for a late-evening buzz. (Another extraordinary element of the inn: its sea shore cruisers, which you can use to ride around the island.) Run by a nearby named Rezi, who likewise clears the sea shore at Caerula Mar, the bar is made somewhat with materials from the old lodging, including ground surface, screens, and roof fans, which Bryan and Sarah gave. Another asset worth tapping is simply local people. Request that the lodging attendant set up a trip with an angler, who can help you find something to barbecue into your lunch when you get back. In case you’re available, take a land visit with Dennis Brown, who’s lived on Andros for over twenty years; he’ll ship you over to Driggs Hill, the old harbor where the island’s mail comes in, and to close craftsmen’s shacks, where you may see beachwood artistic creations in improvement. Earthy colored’s better half, Barbara Moore, drives trips, as well, taking visitors through the island’s thick mangrove backwoods to swim in its celebrated blue opening caverns.

Main concern: Worth it? Why?

Certainly, you can jump on a bicycle and investigate the island, or tap a cast of characters to direct you around, yet probably, you’ll discover such exercises old, if not out and out diverting. All things considered, you’ll be glad just to laze by the pool for seven days, animating yourself just to walk a shoreline studded with the pearlescent shells of since quite a while ago withdrew conch. Since Caerula Mar has accomplished that subtle get-away saying, one that different inns guarantee yet infrequently follow through on: guaranteeing you have the most ideal time, in any event, when you’re doing nothing by any means.


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