The soaring prices of prescription drugs in the US have meant some people have to look for cheaper options or be forced to choose between medications or rent or food. One option a lot of people have turned to is using an online pharmacy and in order to ensure it is one that does not compromise on the drug quality they find a Canadian pharmacy. You can enjoy reduced prices, get a 90 day prescription and have it delivered safely and in a timely manner. The trick is to find pharmacies that are authentic so you know you can trust them. Some places claim to be Canadian when they are not and some claim to have genuine pharmacists when they do not. Here is how to approach buying online drugs safely.

Looking for an online pharmacy with high standards

Here is what to look for and what to investigate to ensure you are buying from a real and licensed online Canadian pharmacy.

  1. To show it is an authentic and licensed Canadian pharmacy it should have its license number as well the name of the Canadian agency that regulates pharmacies so you can investigate and confirm it is real.
  2. There should also be on-the-site seals of approval from organizations like IMPAC or CIPA who set the standards for service and safety on Canadian pharmacies online.
  3. Every pharmacy should ask for your medical history and there should be policies for you to read and agree to when you are at the transaction stage before you make any purchase.
  4. Any reputable online pharmacy should ask for the 90 day prescription from your doctor before sending you any medication.
  5. In most cases, any drugs coming from a Canadian pharmacy will be packaged in the original container the manufacturer sends them in. There are some cases where this is not the case, for example, if the quantity ordered exceeds the usual 30, 60 or 90 day supply.
  6. Most pharmacies when you are on a new medication will have you stay on the drug for 30 days and monitor for side effects and so on.
  7. All your medication should come with the usual directions, warnings, dosing strength, directions, expiration date and so on.
  8. The payment page should be encrypted and secure so your data is not at risk. Most will not charge extra for shipping.
  9. When you take a look at the website you should see all their information, a mailing address, phone numbers and so on that you can check online to make sure they are real.
  10. Any trusted pharmacy is happy to talk to you, is easy to contact, has a pharmacist you can talk to and can talk to you with knowledge about your medications, 90 day prescription and anything else.


When you are looking to save some money but you know how important it is to buy drugs online safely, the above points can help you find a reputable pharmacy you can trust. Just a little research and caution and you can avoid issues later on.