Buying Color Contact Lenses – Know this before you buy

To experiment with new eye colors, you must consider buying colored eye contact lenses. These color lenses are one of the best ways to enhance your look. 

However, you must know that there are certain things you must know before buying the color lenses that we will discuss in this article. 

What are Colored Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lenses alter the iris, the color part of the eye that appears. The part of the lens that covers the iris has color. The color contact lenses help correct the vision of the person. 

Two types of colored contact lenses help correct the vision, and another is to change the way the color appears, which is entirely cosmetic. 

Different Types of Color Colored Lenses Tints

Different types of color tints are listed below:

  • Visibility Tint – Even though the visibility tint has a slight green or blue portion, it does not change the color of the e eye at all. 
  • Enhancement Tint – These tints are translucent and darker than the visibility tint, intensifying the natural eye color, which is ideal for people with light-colored eyes. 
  • Opaque Tint – These tints are not transparent and have solid colors, which are an ideal solution to change the eye from a darker to a lighter shade. Opaque tints are available in gray, brown, blue, green, violet hazel, and amethyst colors. 
  • Blending Tint – The combination of opaque and transparent tints, blending tints make the eye color more natural. 
  • Custom Tint – The custom tint lenses are specifically designed for individual wearers. These lenses are an ideal solution for those people suffering from an eye injury that enhance the natural look. 

Top 4 Reasons to Wear Color Contact Lenses

Here are some of the top reasons why you should wear color lenses. 

  • Lightly tinted contact lenses enhance your look and provide a natural look by enhancing the eye color.  
  • These color lenses can be worn by anyone who wears contacts.
  • Help you boost self-confidence.
  • Make it fun to accessorize with any outfit.

How to Choose the Right Colored Contact Lenses?

When choosing the color contact lenses, it’s essential to assess how they look on your eyes. To make the lenses look natural, you must always consider wearing lenses according to your skin tone.

Cool Skin Tone – Do you have skin with a cool tone? In that case, grey, purple, or blue contacts will enhance your undertones and make you seem nice. People with this skin tone are generally advised to choose vibrant lens colors like turquoise, amethyst, and aqua.

Neutral Skin Tone – The color of neutral-toned skin can be anything from light brown to light olive. You can wear whatever color you desire if you have this skin tone! Color options for people with this skin tone range widely, from brown, honey, and hazelnut to grey, green, and violet.

Warm Skin Tone – If you have a neutral-toned skin range from light brown to light olive complexion, you can wear any color contact lens. People with this skin tone can choose from brown, honey, and hazel to gray-green and violet colors. 

Other Considerations to Choose Color Contacts

Apart from the skin tone, it’s crucial to consider other vital factors that include:

Hair Color 

Blonde hair suits a wide range of eye colors and makes your look more radiant. You can consider blue, green, and violet lenses. You can choose green contacts with red hair, while you can use brown or hazel contact lenses with brown hair. 

If you have blonde or black hair, you can wear any eye contact shade. 


Before you go with color contact, make sure to check the lenses under different lighting. You can use a handheld mirror and check how it looks under both low & bright light conditions. 

Moreover, you can narrow down your choice by comparing different lenses by wearing both eyes of another color and choosing the best.

Best Ways to Take care of Eye Lenses

  • Before putting contact lenses in your eyes or storing them in their lens holder after usage, you should always wash your hands when handling contact lenses.
  • Use lens solution alone to clean the lenses; do not use running water. Additionally, instead of cleaning them in the morning after removal, do so in the evening. Maintain the lenses in the appropriate holders, which have to be stocked with fresh solutions.
  • Be sure to replace the solution in the lens holder every night. The lens holder should also be replaced every three months.
  • After removing the contact, give the lens holder ample time to dry completely before covering it. If you do it this manner, bacteria will be less likely to grow within the box.
  • Correctly insert the lenses into the holder. It’s wise to avoid switching your eye contact. Therefore, if you choose the appropriate lens, you must place it in the appropriate container.

Get the Best Color Contact Today

No matter which colored eye contact lenses you choose, you must always consider taking proper care of your contacts on your own. You need to wear contact lenses according to your skin tone and hair. You can buy the best lenses from Lenskart, check the Eye lens color price online, and book your lens according to you. However, you need to take extra precautions to take care of these lenses.