Buying a House? Here’s How to Make it Feel Like Home

Moving into a new home for the first time is a huge step and a very exciting experience. However, once the chaos of the move is over, it’s normal to feel a little out of sorts in the new place.

Feeling at home in a new house can take a while, and that’s okay! But here are some tips to help you make it homey and cosy from your very first night. 

Choose a Friendly Neighbourhood

First of all, choosing the right area for your new home is important. You need to make sure you feel safe and comfortable where you live, and different areas will align more with different values and needs. 

For example, Tennessee real estate is popular amongst families because of the affordable cost of living and friendly neighbourhoods. 

Prioritise Lots of Natural Light

Try to buy a home that has loads of natural light. A dark space is never comfortable and can actually negatively impact your mental health.

A space with lots of sunlight will automatically feel more comfortable and inviting, something that’s crucial if you want to feel happy and at home there. 

Hang Art and Photographs

Bring a little of yourself into the space by hanging your favourite artwork or photographs on the wall as soon as you move in.

These will make the space feel more familiar, as well as more personalised. Nobody has the same family portraits or special memories as you, so when these are up on your wall, how could you not be home? 

Make Your Bedroom Cosy

Your bed is where you go to feel relaxed, wind down and go to sleep, so creating a cosy bedroom is essential if you’re looking for a comforting environment.

Use loads of soft, fluffy blankets and pillows, hang some nice lights, and light a candle when you go to bed. 

Adopt a Pet or Plants

Pets and plants are a great way to make your house feel like a home. Whichever is the easier option for you will work just fine.

Pets will give you something important to focus on and become a big part of your family, and indoor plants are even beneficial for your health, so there are no drawbacks! 

Get Through the Boxes ASAP

Living for weeks or even months with unemptied boxes scattered across your home will never lead you to feel settled and secure. The disorder can actually make you feel anxious and unorganised instead of happy in your new home. 

Try to get through all the boxes as soon as you can after the move. Commit to unpacking one or two every day until everything is where it belongs. 

Keep Your Home Tidy

Finally, a tidy home is one that feels calming and inviting – the ultimate source of homeliness and comfort! 

This doesn’t mean that you need to set up a rigorous cleaning schedule though. Small daily tasks will help you keep your home feeling clean and fresh all week long without too much thought or effort.