Buy Asim Jofa Dresses Online at Studio by TCS

For beautiful attires, gowns, sarees, peshwas and more, Asim Jofa has signature dresses that encapsulate a luxury lifestyle and help you feel beautiful. Studio by TCS offers a varied yet premium selection of Asim Jofa clothes for you to choose from.

Studio by TCS offers a carefully selected range of Asim Jofa dresses

Studio by TCS showcases carefully curated collections from an array of Pakistani designers, including Asim Jofa, and brings the best of Pakistani fashion to your doorstep. Whether you are planning your dream wedding dress or you are looking for the perfect outfit to wear to your office party, Asim Jofa provides divine fabrics, elegant embroideries, flattering cuts. Currently, there are 50 Asim Jofa products to ponder over at Studio by TCS.

There are many beautiful Asim Jofa dresses to choose from

The exquisite clothes on offer include selections from the Asim Jofa Inara and Vasl collections. The Inara range is perfect for celebratory events, while the Vasl collection provides understated elegance. 

The AJI-01 dress from the Inara collection, for example, comes in glorious colours made from organza and raw silk material, adorned with a fusion of floral motifs on the sleeves and bodice, with Mughal inspired borders running along the hemline. For a more subtle beauty, you might select the AJVL-10 Asim Jofa dress from the Vasl collection at Studio by TCS that is clean-cut in a calming shade of sea-blue with complementing chiffon dupatta and dyed pants to complete the outfit.

Or perhaps you are looking for a saree stitching that will impress your friends and family. The stitching of blouse, saree and petticoat, the fabric of fall, and of the petticoat with belt is included in a price of £40 at Studio TCS.

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For a show-stopping dress, Asim Jofa has you covered. The AJI-06 dress from the Inara collection oozes luminance and creates an ethereal vibe. Studio by TCS has carefully selected this organza, beige dress with navy details intricately embellished with floral motifs on daman and incredibly delicate embroidery on the neckline. The dress comes with a beautiful lehenga with a border and an embroidered dupatta and a finishing Chatta Patti on all four sides. Please note Studio by STC sell the lehenga and dupatta separately. 

To make sure you look fabulous for every occasion, try adding the AJF-10 Asim Jofa dress to your wardrobe. A classy, minimalistic number created from dark cobalt blue organza with hints of silver and monotone embroidery accentuates the 3D handiwork in the shirt and dupatta. Its scalloped hand-touched hemlines and pallus give it an edge above all.

It is all about the finishing touches

There are so many styles and colors of Asim Jofa gowns, so you are spoilt for choice. The materials and embroidery are carefully chosen and created to ensure beautiful dresses right down to the hem. Plus, the great thing about shopping for beautiful Asim Jofa dresses with Studio by TCS is that the website pairs your dres’s choice with accompanying shoes and accessories to match, so searching for a perfect outfit is made more accessible.