Budget-Friendly Ideas for Creating Multifunctional Rooms

With the increasing population, especially in the urban areas, the scramble for the already small spaces can only get tighter. This is why creativity in home designing has gone a notch higher, in the effort to maintain considerable human standards in homes as well as glamour.

Additionally, home functions have been increasing by the day. For instance,  the rampant morphing from working premises to working from home, home gyms set up among other “new” home functions. Undoubtedly, there is a need to maximally utilize the existing rooms to multifunction, but of course without making the house look awfully cluttered.

In this article, we explain how you can increase the use of your rooms on a tight budget.

1.      Kitchen space

Beyond the kitchen being your cooking and dishwashing space, below are ideas through which you can remodel your kitchen to multi-serve you.

  • Get a table with a few chairs- You will not need much to get a table (the size will depend on your blank space), which you can use as a storage place for fruits or fresh vegetables. You can also use it as a sitting space for your guests.
  • Install a kitchen Island – Although a kitchen island is a little bit costly than just a table, it could be a permanent solution for your kitchen space. With a kitchen island, you can use the space to study, a dining area, a storage space, or a relaxing area for family members and guests.
  • Open shelves- With simple shelves, you can create a “kitchen library” where you can store your cooking guide books or novels.
  • Combine space- You can do a simple structural adjustment, for instance, you could bring down the wall between the kitchen and the living room. That way, you are able to use the kitchen as you entertain your guests.
  • The kitchen corridor can accommodate a laundry space as well as a storage area. You need to put up a few vertical shelves.

2.      Re-design the bedroom

Besides being sleeping spaces, with some simple structural adjustments, or furniture re-arrangements, that small bedroom space can serve you in other functions. Such added functions may include, working stations, exercising space etc. Below are ideas through which you can adjust your bedroom to multi-function.

  • A small working table and a chair beside the bed can perfectly work as a working station.
  • You can also allocate the empty corner in your bedroom for doing aerobics and other simple exercises.
  • For the master bedroom, you can utilize the small space to design a small bathtub. To be able to define and separate the two spaces, you can use some simple divider curtains. You can also use it as a music studio and create art there.
  • If you can, bring in a foldable bed especially if the bedroom is too small. Once you fold it, you can use the space as a home gym, or a working station.
  • A small table in the children’s bedroom can be used by the kids for preps and doing school work.
  • You can also create a simple play station beside the bed in the kid’s bedroom.

3.      Be creative with the living room space

A simple styling and layout adjustment can enable you to utilize the small space in your living room for other purposes, beyond being just the sitting area. These ideas include, 

  • Consider a coffee table with some push drawers where you can store your books or even a few cups and hand towels.
  • You can utilize the corner in the living room to create a small home office. Use the vertical space for some simple bookshelves.
  •  Consider using multi-purpose sofas, like adjustable sofas which can serve as a bed too for the guests.
  • Arrange the furniture in a way that defines the dining area without necessarily having to make any structural adjustment to create it.
  • You can use the front corridor in front of the living room as an exercising space. 

4.      Utilize the outside space

If your rooms are too small to be adjusted for extra functions, you can utilize the enormous space outside to meet your needs. For instance, instead of squeezing in a gym or a recreational space in your small house, you could go out to catch some fresh air or exercise from outside.

Outdoor exercising could be awesome especially when you go biking using a gas-powered bicycle. Gas bicycles are efficient as they can be used for long hours with much less fuel consumption. Their cost is low too as compared to a motorized bicycle.

You can also take advantage of the recreation places around you. For instance, watch a movie in the town movie house.

Final word

Evidently, living a simple life is not the same as living a bad life. No matter how small your space is, these and other simple ideas make a happy home for yourself.  It is important you shop creatively for things that you can use for as many purposes as possible. This way you save money, and space too.