Bud Spencer and Terence Hill: Slaps and Beans 2 – An Odd Choice for a Modern Video Game That’s Worth It

There is risk and there is blind faith; games with Bud and Terence fall into the second category, but at least they are the fruit of love. 

If you do not know—and there is a good chance you don’t—Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were a film duo popularized in the 1960s and 1970s for their comedic adventures and physical opposites. Born in Italy as Carlo Pedersoli and Mario Girotti, respectively, they began their careers in gag-filled spaghetti westerns before changing their names for the Western market, successfully translating and gaining a large following.

They are an odd choice for a modern video game, primarily because a large portion of the market will have no knowledge of their existence. At the same time, Trinity Team’s Beat ‘Em Up game type, launched on September 22 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch is imbued with fantastic spirit, fun, and adventure, so that even the uninitiated will find it endearing.

The Story Is Based on the Previous One from the Series

“Fat” Bud and the charismatic Terence continue the story where they left off in the previous game, arriving in Africa and trying to get back home. Faithful to its actual films, the narrative brings in chaos and it ends up off course, struggling in the countryside and the big city. As before, the game can be played in two-player or single-player mode where both heroes can be swapped, with the AI taking over carelessness.

What works really well in Slaps and Beans 2 is the little action puzzle pieces, where you have to switch between Bud and Terence to use either dexterity or strength to overcome Mario & Luigi-style obstacles. For example, Terence can climb and swing on bars, while Bud can break harder objects. You regularly have to figure out how to get both characters to access unreachable places, moving between them to create a path. Also, there are lots of fun mini-games that not only kick up the action but are fully accessible from the home screen in an arcade format.

One Aspect of the Game Remains Uninspiring – Combat

Graphically beautifully drawn, impressively detailed, and as sunny as a movie set, the camera often zooms in to reveal gigantic arenas packed with interactive objects.

Unfortunately, the crux of the game is the combat, one aspect that remains uninspiring. It may be an improvement over the original, with comedic action involving using enemies as weapons, blocking, team fighting and various opportunities to use the environment, but the execution is underwhelming, lacks variety, and is less satisfying. It is set too easy on default settings, the challenge only increases towards the end of very long campaigns, and combat requires little more than repeated button presses. If one character takes a beating, you can simply replace them and the AI will send another to pick up health-regenerating food scattered around the screen. Creative moments like getting the lions to follow strips of meat are fun and in keeping with the Jeep’s stunts, but there is a certain awkwardness to doing it all with elegance.

What Exactly Beat ‘Em Up Games Are

A fighting-focused game is called a Beat ‘Em Up, or Brawler as they are also known. In arcades, these games were very common. They frequently lent themselves to the pay-per-life gameplay seen in arcades, presenting a challenge to attempt to go further in the gameplay. 

The fact that the genre essentially focuses solely on fighting may not assist the case that Beat ‘Em Ups are not Fighting games. These are two genres that appear to have a lot in common, triggering a long-lasting discussion in the gaming community. Both games are mostly about fighting! Are Beat ‘Em Up games truly fighting games? Although it is a little difficult to answer, most gamers will say “no”. We agree. Beat ‘Em Up differs from the Fighting game style. 

Although Beat ‘Em Up features combat, there are several significant distinctions between them and Fighting games that prevent them from being considered the latter type. That is a basic response. However, some games straddle the lines. There will be many titles that touch on fighting games in a list of Beat ‘Em Up games. There are Beat ‘Em Up-style mini-games in even some of the best fighting games, such as Street Fighter VI, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or Mortal Kombat 1. Another distinction between Beat ‘Em Ups and Fighters is in the fact that the latter entered the eSports and betting waters comprising the best Perfect Money bookmakers in 2023 at the site, among others.

In Bet ‘Em Up games, players often advance through 2D side-scrolling stages. They fight each other on every screen. Before continuing, you must employ combat techniques to defeat everyone on the screen. They frequently contain battle systems that might be challenging to master. But learning how to grow better at Fighting games is very different from mastering Beat ‘Em Ups. 

Final Verdict

The genre’s lineup on the Switch (it holds exclusive rights for the Slaps and Beans franchise) has changed a lot since the 2018 original, and this feels primitive. Slaps and Beans 2 offers a long adventure campaign with plenty to see and do and will be a treat for dedicated fans of the duo. However, combat, clouded by novelties, should be fulfilling and less repetitive. 

That is what we think of the game, yet we would like to hear your thoughts on the game on our social media!