Bringing The Biggest Festival Of The Year In Your City – Red Cube

Music is a universal language. It doesn’t matter which language you speak, everyone understands melodies regardless of their native tongue. Thus, a skilled musician can bring people together, connecting them despite their linguistic, cultural, and social differences. A musician has a magical power to connect people across different parts of the world, speaking other languages or belonging to different cultures, and this makes the musical event so influential in attracting the audience across the group while having many differences.

Music festivals can vary from small local events to large, multi-day festivals that attract people worldwide. It can be a fun and exciting way to experience live music from your favorite musicians. Moreover, music festivals are a convenient and accessible way for fans to view various artists without shelling out hundreds of dollars for each musician’s concert. In addition, they may offer other activities or attractions, such as food and drink vendors, art installations, carnival rides, or camping. Thus, it’s unsurprising that music festivals draw large crowds and feature well-known or up-and-coming artists.

These festivals are also attractive destinations for the audience and artists—the latter benefit from mass exposure. In addition, artists also gain valuable experience performing in bigger, more popular venues. Red Cube exemplifies this by putting together new and more popular talents on the same stage, ensuring both receive similar publicity. 

Red Cube is one of the top music event production companies on the West Coast, owned by Paul Song. He organizes electronic music events in Seattle, Washington as well as Portland and Eugene, Oregon. With an energetic team, a highly talented roster of resident DJs, and a pursuit of boundary-pushing music, Red Cube has produced over 2000 events and sold nearly 15 million dollars in ticket revenue. They are all set to celebrate their 20th anniversary in the coming year. 

The company aims to create and offer safe events with top-notch production quality featuring international artists. They also have some big plans in store for their loyal audience. The company is set to organize the biggest festival of the year on the Oregon Coast. 

Red Cube’s conception is an interesting story. Paul, one of the founders, was first introduced to the underground raving scene in the 90s. He thoroughly enjoyed the scene and was enamored by the community spirit at such events. Moreover, the music blew him away, and left his first show, hoping to be a DJ. He initially held events to open for his favorite artists. However, in 2003, Red Cube was born at the Ohm Nightclub after hosting an event, Ice Break, which sold out by hitting the club’s capacity by an hour after doors opened. Again, Paul saw people enjoying themselves, dancing to the music, and having a great time at his event. His heart was filled with love and appreciation, and after that night, Red Cube Productions continued to book more events and entertain crowds.

There is no denying that healthy competition is great for any business, but Red Cube brings years of experience and expertise to the table, making them stand out from competitors. “We can’t book all the shows. When other promoters and venues also book artists that our community wants to see, overall, this is an amazing thing for our city and consumers,” revealed Paul Song. “I would not say that we are any better than our competitors, however we have been around longer and have more experience in more ways than one. In addition, we are more aggressive and consistent than others in our market,” he added.

The company continues to promote new talent. In addition, they recently launched a new event, ‘Bridge City Block Party,’ which will was held in downtown Portland, featuring some of the hottest dance music artists, local artists, local vendors, and many more. After years of hard work and delivering results in the business, they have gained trust from their audiences, venues, artists, agents, management, city officials, etc. Because of this gained trust, they have been able to develop a solid reputation in the industry. 

Having an amazing 20 years in the industry, Red Cube has accomplished its goal of creating the most electrifying nights for its diverse audience. Producing safe and high-quality events remains the driving force behind every event. They focus on pulling in large crowds, booking top artists, and ensuring that all their events remain incident-free, secure, and safe for artists and audiences.

Fans continue to attend Red Cube’s events in droves as the company’s shows feature a diversified music lineup, focusing on rock, pop, and electronic music. In addition, Red Cube’s events are popular because of their unique atmosphere and vibrant energy, making them a must-attend for electronic music fans worldwide.