Bricksmatexstore Com Review – The website is legitimate, right?

we are you getting bored and can’t find a website to get multiple products? People during the pandemic phase got into the habit of buying everything online.

Bricksmatexstore Com Review could be the source for you. People in the United States could place an order for various products from the store.

But since many of the new websites appear on a regular basis, let’s find out to what extent this website is an authentic place to buy and transact money.

Let’s read more to know the website.

What is the website about?

We understand that this website has products such as dresses, various accessories and a lot of shop. Here you can get information about the best selling products. Also, some reasonably priced products can inquire and order for the same. Bricksmatexstore Com review says that these products can be checked by visiting the official website.

Website Specifications:

• The website has several product stores.

• The URL is

• The contact form is available in the Contact Us section.

• The website was created on 12/31/2020

• The email address is [email protected].

• The fourteen day return policy is applicable to products.

• Full refunds are applicable once the return is complete.

• Payment policy is not mentioned here on the website.

• Shipping would take 3 to 5 business days.

• Delivery would take 7-10 business days.

Advantages of the website:

• There is variety of product range available on the website.

• The products would be useful to users for many purposes.

Cons of the website:

• No Bricksmatexstore Com reviews found anywhere

• Links to social sites do not work.

• There is no HTTPS connection, so it is not safe to go.

• Irregular variety of things

• The website is very recent.

• No physical address or customer service contact is mentioned.

• The website has a trust index: 1%

• No payment policy is mentioned.

The website is legitimate, right?

The website seems to be really sketchy as there is no payment policy available. We have checked it, but the payment option is not available even in the cart. Another negative point is that once you enter to withdraw the cart, the screen goes blank.

Let’s talk at Bricksmatexstore Com Please review the essential points where we can judge this website to be a scam or a legitimate website.

No HTTPS says it is insecure and not secure plus it was registered on Dec 31, 2020 it is a brand new website. Now you want to know the section of the page about us.

So here is the about us section of the page, but it is in progress and there is also no physical address or contact number mentioned here, it is a negative point about the website.

Now let’s talk about social media presence, which is why this website is available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which is a positive point of the website.

But these links are inactive and misleading.

Bricksmatexstore Com Review From Customer:

The authenticity of any website or product is based on the opinions of the customers, as we can have the perfect idea about it. When we seek customer feedback, we are disappointed.

There are no customer reviews to date on the website available, where you can check the reviews. Also, we check on Google; there are no reviews and the trust index is also 1% of the website, which is detrimental.

The quality of the website content is not as good as most of the content is copied and pasted from other sites. What do they say that this is an incomplete website and one should not go through with this?

Final Verdict on Bricksmatexstore Com Review:

To conclude our verdict on this website, based on the discussion above, we can see that this website is possibly a scam because there are many negative points. The website’s low trust index, no reviews, irregular products, missing address and contact number, plagiarized content, incomplete about us section, and no payment policy all indicate that this is not a safe place to shop.