Brainstorming Ideas For Instagram Advertising

Time flies for marketers who outline Instagram strategies, research hashtags, and make content plans. In 2022, it’s high time to check on the new features and trends on Instagram. In the early days, Instagram was meant only for entertainment, but now many brands and businesses eagerly step into creating an Instagram account. It is now becoming popular as an advertising tool for products and services. 

With over 1 billion active users per month, people spend 53 minutes per day scrolling through Instagram on average. See how engaging the platform is in functioning! Furthermore, if you want to maximize your popularity on Instagram, you can get free instagram reels likes trial and shall amplify your profile growth instantly. Let’s get into this article to get more exciting ways to create engaging Instagram advertisements. Let’s get started!

What Is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram has allowed users to advertise since 2013. Instagram advertising is a method of running display ads for users that help you reach the target audience. Brands and businesses always use Instagram advertising to grow their brand exposure. Facebook’s ads manager manages Instagram advertising. Based on the statistics, nearly 120 million audiences have visited the sites after watching Instagram ads.

Is Instagram Advertising Helpful For Business?

As Instagram is one of the fastest social media platforms, and most of them are Gen Z, investing in Instagram advertising will not disappoint you. Instagram ads will send traffic to your sites and increase conversion rates. Moreover, you can reach your target audience easily. Instagram has a high engagement rate, so create engaging stories. 

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

Instagram ad’s cost varies based on different factors. Some factors include Your target audience, Industry competition, the time you need to post your advertisement on Instagram, Placement time of ads, total duration of ads, etc. You can evaluate your budget within the Instagram-built feature ads manager. For example, setting your audience type will analyze and tell you the budget requirements. It also means whether your budget is sufficient for your desired audience. 

Types Of Instagram Ads 

The different types of advertising formats are as follows, 

  • Image Ads: It includes single images with compelling visuals promoting your products or services. Even you can add text to your pictures. 
  • Stories Ads: These ads appear as full-screen video ads between stories. Stories ads drive higher engagement and derive organic reach. You can also present call-to-action as a swipe-up link at the bottom of your Instagram story. 
  • Video Ads: You can record In-feed video ads for up to 60 minutes, where users can have a detailed view of brands’ products and services.
  • Carousel Ads: It is where you can swipe to watch a series of images or videos. It also includes call-to-action, which directs to your website. You can show a collection of your products or services in carousel posts. If you want to increase your chances of getting more popularity, get free instagram reels views trial and connect to a diverse audience. 
  • Explore Ads: Explore ads appear within the explore tab. Nearly 50% of Instagram users use using explore tab every month, so it is a great place to run your ads. 
  • Shopping And Collection Ads: Instagram is the best place for e-commerce business; brands are flourishing on Instagram. Collection ads are a part of shopping ads where the product catalog is shown. Viewers can visit your online store directly with the shopping ads’ purchase links. 
  • Reels And Igtv Ads: These ads appear in-between reels and IGTV. The duration of the ads is about 30 seconds. 

How To Get Started With Instagram Advertising?

  • First, go to the Facebook ads manager. Set up your marketing objective and name your ad campaign.
  • Now configure your target audience based on geographical locations, age, gender, etc.,
  • Choose your placements and set your budget and ad schedule. Now create your Instagram ad and upload it. 

Ideas To Make Engaging Instagram Advertisement 

  • Create each ad with fun and entertainment. Show your humanizing side to gain your potential customers. 
  • Ensure your ad video and context are relevant. Hop on to the trends and create great ads. 
  • Use relevant hashtags. As viewers search your post by typing hashtags, it is vital to keep user-friendly hashtags. 
  • You can promote a contest or giveaway with Instagram advertisements. It is the best way to make your audience know about your contest. 
  • Try to schedule your ads at the right time. Check on the prime time and post your ads on Instagram. 


It all depends on the ad’s strategy. Keeping a well-designed strategy makes it easy to turn your ideal followers into organic customers. Moreover, Instagram ads will constantly evolve. Therefore, brands should consider investing in Instagram ads. With ads, the audience will also not get bored watching Instagram videos. We hope this article is quite informative and helpful. Read the article and comment below!