Boost your NZ Retail Store’s Appeal with Neon Signage

There is nothing quite like neon for grabbing people’s attention and in this short article, we offer valuable information on how neon signage can put your retail outlet on the map. Custom signage is certainly nothing new, especially when it comes to novel ideas; the range of attractive colours is indeed long, allowing you to blend your signage with your business identity. 

Custom design

You can quite literally create anything you like- when you contact a leading NX neon signage company such as Icon Signs, who loves a challenge and can take your concept and turn it into reality. One important aspect to consider with neon signage is the value during your closing hours; neon is bright and eye-catching, so people are attracted to it at night.

The magic of LED

You have probably been stopped dead in your tracks by a stunning LED store sign; there are top-rated neon and LED signage artists who take every project seriously, dedicated to designing something special. Start with a Google search and check out some of the amazing signs they have already created; whether you have a concept in mind or not, you can work with a top designer to come up with a design that reflects your business.

Pole LED signage

Aside from the traditional shopfront signage, you can place a sign of any shape or size with a single pole, which can transform the front of a store; you can also erect pole LED signs inside a store, which can double as illumination. Show your brand in a very unique way with interior LED signage; graphics can be combined with text, or on its own.

Planning a fitout

If you are designing a new store, you can integrate neon signage into your concept; talk to a leading NZ signage contractor, one that is established and has a great name within the local community. Reinforce your branding with neon or LED and make your store stand out; custom design starts with a digital storyboard that eventually becomes a finished design, colours can be tweaked and a number of effects are available.

Neon signage is not new, yet tech advances have given signage artists the tools to create stunning examples that put stores in the limelight.