Making a successful move can be a complicated process without the proper assistance. However, take the time necessary to choose the right local moving company, find the best warehouse storage solutions, and remember the advantages of climate-controlled storage units. You’ll be sure your move goes smoothly. This article provides valuable tips to help your local moving company have a successful and stress-free move.

Finding The Right Local Moving Company

Choosing a reliable and comfortable local moving company is crucial to a successful transition. It’s easy to get distracted with the lowest bid, but focus instead on quality and value of service. Ask your friends for recommendations and research the company online. Ensure that the local moving company you sign with has the qualifications and reputation to do the job.

Best Warehouse Storage Solutions

If you’re not ready to move your items to the new place immediately, renting a warehouse storage unit is a convenient storage solution. It provides the extra space you’ll need on a moving day. It helps to alleviate stress by organizing your items before the move—research reliable and affordable storage solutions to get the most bang for your buck.

Storage Unit Cost

The cost of renting a storage unit can vary significantly depending on your location and the unit size—research rental prices in the area to compare pricing and services. You can also save money by purchasing extra boxes and supplies from a storage unit vendor, as they provide discounts for bulk purchases. Remember the overall cost of your storage units when creating a moving budget.

Secure Climate Controlled Storage Units

Climate-controlled storage units are a must if you’re storing items for an extended time. These units are designed to regulate the temperature of the units between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It helps to protect your items from humidity, moisture, and other environmental hazards that can cause irreparable damage.

Packing Tips

Use durable and correctly sized boxes when packing your items for a move. Fragile items should be tightly wrapped with bubble wrap or packing peanuts and placed carefully in the box. Keep a list of items found in each box and label each box as to what items they contain. It makes it much easier to find your items once you start unpacking.

Avoid Double Move

To prevent costly double move fees, plan the move out in advance. Know precisely what items you want to take to the new place and plan the timelines for each task. It will save you from having to haul and transfer items back and forth from the storage unit.

Use Time-saving Supplies

Time is of the essence on a moving day, so having suitable materials and supplies will be a huge help. Pack things properly, use storage and moving supplies with labels, and bring extension cords and power strips. There is nothing worse than having to take the time to search for cords and electric boxes for your electronics on move day.

Consider Professional Transport

For bulky or expensive pieces, professional transport service is a lifesaver. It includes items like antique furniture, pool tables, and pianos. These items require specific handling and moving experience to avoid any damage. Don’t take the risk and transport those items alone; trust the experts.

Maintain a Good Schedule

When planning out your move, keeping an organized and efficient schedule is essential. Prioritize your tasks beforehand and ensure you don’t forget any steps in the process. It will help ensure the whole moving process goes smoothly, and you don’t forget any necessary appointments or deadlines.

Invest in Quality Security

Ensure that your storage unit and belongings are secure from theft and damage. Invest in a reliable security system for your warehouse storage. It can include high-quality locks, cameras, and security alarms. Don’t forget to change the locks after each move.

Insist on Professional Movers

To get your belongings safely to the new location, rely on professional movers. It will also help to manage and organize the logistics side of the move and handle some of the heavier items. Book with a reputable company and check references to ensure your items are in safe hands.

Keep Documents Handy

Keep all your essential documents – moving contracts, receipts, and insurance information – safe. They should also be easily accessible if you need to refer to them during the move. A safe place to store them is in the car or a secure place within your home.


Making a successful move requires a certain level of planning and preparation. A local moving company can help take care of most of these tasks, but they are not responsible for ensuring that everything goes to plan. Taking care of the proper warehouse storage solutions, understanding storage unit cost, and investing in a secure climate-controlled storage unit can help make your transition much smoother. Lastly, prioritize safety; this is essential to a successful move. Following these tips will help your local moving company as they help you into your new home.